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I am a Guwahati based Chartered Accountant. I serve my clients on direct and indirect taxation matters.

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    I would like to answer VAT queries relating to the state of Assam. In addition to Assam VAT I would also like to share my views on CST matters.

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    2 Years

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  • CA Sanjay Singbal says : validity of income tax order
    In the order received ITNS not enclosed. The order states amount of tax payable and interest as one figure without any breakup. Is the order valid with lack of ITNS 150 showing computation and the same having being printed on 31st December ie. a Saturday and posted on 2nd January. Please state the supporting case laws.

  • UDAY KHEMKA says : MCA Public documents
    Hi Mr. Agarwal, Our Organisation is working on a financial analysis tool. We want to give customized reports as per different customer segments. Now my query is, who all are the users of MCA "View Pubic Documents" or say "Inspection of company Records". We also would like to have a rough idea on %share of users for these documents. If you are going to do some research, kindly share the link. Thanks and Regards

  • P R SHRIVASTAVA says : Applicability of Service Tax and VAT on AMC
    Dear Sir, we are planning to take an AMC(Comprehensive Basis for Air Condition). Vendor has sent his quotation, in that quotation there is a doubt, please clarify, In the given Quotation, There is a Gross Bill Amount. After that he adds a 12.36@70% Service Tax Then after adding of Service Tax and Gross Bill , he is charging VAT@8%. Now the my doubt whether is there any rules or circular or notification that explain that the VAT will be charged on Gross Bill + Service Tax, He has given me a some Notification, No.32/2007, Dated:22.05.2007 & 35/2012, Dated:20.06.2012.The given circular not clearly mentioned that what he did in the quotation. Now my second question shall I deduct WCT TDS on it or not. Please reply as it is required urgently.

  • Niketa says : VAT DEDUCTED
    Party has made payment after deducting VAT amount so when can I claim the same amount in VAT return under the head "sales tax deducted."

  • Umesh says : Querry on E-1 Transaction
    Dear Sir, My querry in on E-1 transaction. Last year we have done one E-1 transaction as following. We are the traders in Nagpur (Maharashtra) and we buy some product from a manufacture of Aurangabad (Maharashtra)now we have sell/ Delivered this product to another party of Andhra Pradesh from Aurngabad directly. We have purchased this product from manufacturer of Aurangabad against Form 'C' (Within state transaction) considered as E-1 transaction & we have collected Form "C" from our end customer of Andhra Pradesh. Now please guide us that this transaction will considered as E-1 transaction and the sales tax dept. can issue us Form "C" against our purchase. Please Guide. Umesh Nagwanshi Nagpur

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