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CA Atul
10 January 2009 at 18:04

Salary or professional

I am not taking my salary from last 5 months now i want to take those but i want take loan in front of that salary by showing that amount as a legal advisor but i m not a professionaly legal advisor can i take that amount by submiting form 15h or 15g....

07 January 2009 at 15:54


Can i get the computation after e-filling the ITR .

07 January 2009 at 11:50


can i receive computation after e-filling of ITR


Case pertains to exemption of capital gains tax under Section 54F of Income Tax Act. The capital gain of Rs. X accrued in Dec 2006. As per sec 54F, the amount of capital gains should be used for construction of a house with in 3 years, to claim exemption from income tax. I had purchased a Plot (P) for Rs. Y during Dec 2007 for construction of house and balance i.e. Rs.(X-Y) stands deposited in Capital Gains Saving Scheme.
Meanwhile I have liked another Plot (Q) for construction of my house. Now, I wish to sell the Plot (P)purchased earlier, buy Plot(Q) and construct a house on this Plot before Dec 2009.
I would like to know my Tax liability in the above case.

mohan rao
06 January 2009 at 10:47

List of FIIS In india

Good Morning to all of you,

I Would like to Know Whether any site is available for the List of FII 's in india

Its urgent to know one Company is an FII or not


05 January 2009 at 14:43

property tax

My grandmother had aquired a built up property in 1965 worth Rs. 10,000/- only but she was a housewife at that time & payment was made by my grandfather. Now, the same property has been sold in the month of Jan. 2006 for Rs. 64 Lacs (all through cheque). Due to some family dispute, I had to file a civil suite against my grand mother claiming my share which was compromised in lok adalat at a consideration of Rs. 30 Lacs which grandmother had to give to me to withdraw the suit.30 Lacs were recd in a joint a/c of me and grandmother which I withdraw to buy self assets. I just want to know If money given to me i.e. 30 Lacs taxable for me or not?

Vishnu aGARWAL
25 December 2008 at 17:22

Superanuation fund

I have few queries regarding deduction of superannuation fund:

1.) who is laible to deduct superannuation fund from his salary

2.) What is the maximum limit of basic salary upto which superannuation is not deducted.

3.) Whether it is deductable under sec. 80C or not?

4.) If any recent amendment has come pertaining to this than what will be new provosions & its impact on old worker who was working before new changes & impact on new joiners after new amendments

25 December 2008 at 11:17


What is the Necessary Things One should care for while making a "WILL" looking at Tax Planning aspect.

What are the other things which can be added in WILL to make it more easy and attractive.

arun sawant
16 December 2008 at 21:47

profession tax

i am working as an lic agent since 1999. recently i have received profession tax notice from profession tax authorities asking me to pay profession tax from 1999. i never knew that as an agent it is mandatory for me to take a pt no and never did the profession tax authorities no lic asked me to take the same. can the profession tax authorities compel me to pay penalty for all these years? is there any way out?

please help

srinivas reddy penuballi

Who has to obtain the KYC?

When the bank will provide FIRC?

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