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Why Chartered Accountancy isn't overrated?

Shekhar Kaushik , Last updated: 17 January 2018  

Every Person who walking towards this journey is not a special person only because it works beyond the limit of hard work. But because in this complex world every person who is working hard to prove himself is honestly thinking that what he is doing is the hard work.

But according to me, A Chartered Accountant is different from all other professional persons because there are some genuine reasons for it.

  • No Reservation: The Most Leading institute of Indian Education system and the one who hasn't suffered the sting of Reservation System. Whatever you are, its credit goes to your hard work, to your capacity & capability to do hard work. It's a proud thing for you that you don't get success by gagging to a poor equiponderant system of the nation. Here, your success is result of your sound intend only.
  • Quality Check: Where the losing standards of Indian education system is putting a question mark on every league of education whether its Technical, Management, Pleading or Medical. In any other field of education only getting a certificate or degree might make you eligible for Job. But chartered accountancy is a different game, who maintain its dignity beyond all the limits without self interest. To be very honest this is among the top most institutions of the world who doesn't serve your success in a plate without judging your worthiness.
  • International Acceptance: The dignified status of Indian chartered accountants over an international stage. The way how law system & the lawyers of U.K. are known, the way how Japanese are known in the field of technology, the way the Koreans are known for innovation, in the same way if the field is Accountancy & Taxation, Indian Chartered Accountants are known as a Leaders & Master.
  • In the last, the most important thing 'Your Diligence of hard work which doesn't let you give up after so many undefeatable attempts.'

A person whose intention to hard work is heavier, then he can't be penurious to motivation. That's because motivation is only effective when it is within, when it is your own, which is not borrowed, right?

Motivation is when it is not occurred or destroyed by a story or real-life example, which should not be surrendered by the adverse situations of life, it should not be surrendered by the painful remarks of your beloved once, when a phone call of your unknown relative is insufficient to make you unhappy.  So the motivation is within, which is in perpetuity, which is not destroyable, which is in your subconscious.

So let me explain the word 'Motivation' today. A simple story you can make you feel motivated but it would be only for a few minutes. It would be coating only, and 'Space can't be coated itself.'

So where can we get such real life motivation instead of reel life motivation, which should be from inside, which has self-existence, which is from our subconscious, which is infinite. The answer is your failure is your motivation.

I think you remember that while making his first car Henry Ford had forgotten to put Back Gear in it, hope you remember the most famous cartoonist The Walt Disney imprisoned himself in a church after an editor crushed his cartoon designs, hope you know the Biggest name of motivation now a day's Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari had a big failure in his first book writing because of its creative way to read it backwards.

You must be thinking why I am discussing the failure at the name of self-motivation, right?

Because these events which seem to be a failure are not failure actually, these were just mistakes only. And by chance errors and mistakes can be restored.

If Walt Disney had been set down, we could not get such real Mickey Mouse, cars of Ford Motors are known as the luxury in the world now a day's. Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari is the inspiration for youth today.

Do you know why?

Because they made their mistakes their own motivation, they started learning from their own mistakes; they made their-self realize that if they give up this time they will be judged by under-rated people of society.

So which have been started have to be completed, no matter its good or bad, no matter it's in capacity or not, no matter its right or wrong to them.

So Henry Ford decided to fight, So Walt Disney did not quit, So Sandeep Maheshwari started learning from himself.

Because their motivation was not from outside, was not dependent, was not mortal.

Because you must know the fact that God doesn't give us until we are a real container. He gives us only which can contain in this container (called life), so next when you think that could not get your desired things try to be a bigger container.

In the journey to being a right container word hard, & don't let down yourself with the hit of the hammer.

So prepare for the Best but be ready for the worst.

The author can be reached out at  www.shekharkaushik.com

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