A CA not only knows about Investments and Financials Statements but the rules of leading a great life too. A Chartered Accountant, on an average, goes through so many experiences of life while dealing with different situations. Hereunder are the ten best and universally applicable golden rules:


1. Live life full time:

Life is like a guitar; Tune. Play. Repeat. Give your best shot to life. Be passionate about the things you do. Life is like a Guitar. First you need to TUNE yourself, update yourself before you start something new or re-start something old with new style or method. Once you know ABC of it, PLAY it with your best efforts. Give your best shot. Once you achieve your target, take some rest, cherish the moment and then REPEAT.

2. Never Quit:

They are the victorious who dare not to give up. Never ever dare to give up. “You are the failure not the moment you are defeated, but the moment you give up fighting.” A student having passion for CA may fail once or twice or many a times in CA study course but the passion to get up again and appear for next attempt never dies. Because life after becoming CA changes.

3. Utilise time well:

Time spent for temporary happiness like movie or outing or weekend on a beach is all synthetic; with shelf life of a day or two. Work for your bigger dreams that should last for whole life. Then movie and beach would seem more interesting, realising that you have done something. 

Make a goal and start spending your value time in it. It’s not necessary that you should be earning from your hobby. First nurture your leisure time in the things you love doing or you always wanted to do but never got time. Be it painting or playing guitar or book writing. Once you get a taste of it, you won’t know when you would complete a milestone and you would be addicted to it. You shall cherish that moment.

4. Define your destiny:

Sometimes.. Life is like a vacuum cleaner. You know what it does. All you need to do is to kick the power plug and take the charge. Never give the charge of your life in the hands of others; you’ll get screwed and people would enjoy it. Hold the guitar of your destiny, called life, yourself; and play it well. If circumstances are not fair to you, keep going, without losing the charge of your path to your goals. People would discourage you, they would mislead you. Take time, and make best decision. “The only person standing between your dreams and your success is YOU.” Push yourself, don’t be dependent on anyone.

5. Connect with friends, frequently:

Friends understand the unsaid words, no matter if they are silent for years. 

The moment you fail or win, you need someone to talk to and share your emotions of that moment. You need family and friends to go back and relax with, taking some time out of your busy life. 50% of your life secrets are always known to best friends, out which 40% always remain safe, as some friends reveal few secrets, at right time :). So, make friends; call them up, if you can’t meet them often.

6. Be good, do good:

Karma haunts. 

Always be fair and good, to people and your-self too. “May your P&L account of deeds for humanity be in profits; for you have to present your Balance Sheet on the Judgment Day.” Do good and help* people as much as you can (*Conditions apply J). Be genuine while taking decisions, without prejudicing anyone.

7. Quit the rat race:

Take a break, for you are not made to win this rat race. Try something different, something unique, something worth failing, worth falling. 

You are unique. Be different. If your life has become monotonous then take a break; rethink; redefine your goals; take remedial steps and then start pursuing that. Don’t always do what others are doing, unless your high-pay-pack job demands so J. Innovate, experiment, take risks, you might fail, but keep it on.

8. Be with Parents, always: 

Sometimes, father becomes the most emotional mom on earth; and mother, the strongest dad. Parents would never demand anything, but your presence, if not possible daily, then at decent intervals. Visit them if you are away. Be with them on all occasions. Make all the events memorable for them. Be it any good news, take them by surprises. They need nothing but your love and care.

9.  Rise in Love:

If it's just dinner, it's about the food and place; if it's love, it's about the person you go with.

Express your love. “Rise in Love, with passion, falling is the old fashion.” Always listen to your heart, dare to propose, genuinely; not everyone you meet J. Make moments loveable and memorable with a treasure hunt, card, long drive, chocolates, candle light dinner, salsa, a kiss on the top of head; telling that, “I am always there for you”.

10. Start NOW:

The best day to start anything is TODAY; and the best time, NOW. 

Don’t wait, don’t think much. If you want to start living your dreams, start NOW. The time would never come back. Life is short, make best of it. Make a blue print at least. Once you do that, you would feel urge to start working on it.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading.. Start doing.. Cheers.:)

Thanks and Regards:
CA Vikram Verma
Author : "10 Alone" (Novel) and "MICS Unleashed" (Academic)

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