Trovants! Not Me

CA. Subramanya Bhat , Last updated: 08 March 2017  

The above image is floating around all possible places in social media. When I saw this image for the first time, natural question that came to my mind, which comes to every one's mind was, Who I am? Boss or Leader?

Naturally it's a negative image. Needless to say that the image distinguishes attributes of a boss and a leader. Now the question was how to look at that image.

The more I started thinking about the image, a refreshed thought came to my mind, which I could not resist but to put that up in this post for you all to comprehend.

Thinking otherwise, if I were to be a subordinate / follower / team member, Who am I in this image?

Am I a Golf Stick? Or a Plant?

Now who I am, could possibly define, who the other person is in the above image.

A Golf Stick is a stick. That is it. It does not do anything on its own. Someone should force it to even kick a Golf Ball. It does not even know that it is Golf Stick and its job is to kick something.

On the other hand, a plant is something which is living, which is eager to breathe air, get the most of the soil it is stuck with, does not hesitate to absorb water, exposes itself to sunlight, wary of animals hurting it and fights to survive on its own. On top of all this, it can give shelter, cleanses the air, provides food, flowers, fragrance, medicine and what not.

Now who does not want to nurture a plant like this? Plant should be very unfortunate to not to find someone. If not human, mother nature would definitely do something about this plant.

So If I were to be a great subordinate or team member, I should be eager to learn, work hard, listen, be patient, help others, deliver something which is of some use to others. Now If I am of this nature, needless to say that some leader would definitely find me and nurture me. It need not necessarily be my immediate manager.

But if I were to be a Stone or a Golf Stick, I am bound to find a boss in each and everyone I encounter or interact with.

As the picture depicts, leader is nurturing a plant and not a Golf Stick.

When I coined this thought, one of my dear friend immediately responded and said, "A Leader is one who turns a stone in to a plant or nurture stones growth".

Wasn't he very optimistic? I know this happened in Threthayuga, when Lord Rama converted a stone to lady known as Ahalya Devi. But lets be practical about it, we are now living in Kaliyuga. Stones won't grow here nor would they become a plant.

But to my dismay, there are stones which grow. One of this kind is in Romania and its called "Trovants". They represent a quite bizarre geological phenomenon, which consist in spherical shapes of cemented sand due to some powerful seismic activity that occurred 6 million years ago.

What makes these formations unique and mysterious is that they are reproducing after coming in contact with water.After heavy raining the stones grow starting with 6-8 millimetres and ending with 6-10 meters. It's really remarkable!

So even stones can grow. So my friend was right.

But the point is, even after its growth, stone continues to be a stone. May be a bigger stone. Isn't it?