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I have seen many aspirants of CA/CWA/CS worrying about MANY things. And when I stress many I really means many. Being a professional student we have enough senses to judge whether a given statement is true or false and if we can’t judge then rather let it pass instead of making it more complex. I am listing some common myths (according to me and the best of my knowledge) which affects the working of the brain of a common student:

1. Exam is very difficult – Okay let’s get this first. The common and major problem most students face and discuss. I will get back to this point but first let me ask you a question – Do you know how many factors does number 24 has? What is the probability that 2 people are born on the same day of a week out of 7 people present? These are very easy questions but not for our fraternity because of the only reason that we have never faced such questions before. Same is the situation with us. Is a newbie who never studied and wasn’t too serious a level of comparison for us, who keep on struggling throughout the hell of a life. The meaning of EASY is not really defined and vary from person to person. Seniors who passed with many failed attempts doesn’t make them a guru to give advice on difficulty level. And from here the second point of myth evolves.

2. Advices of seniors are elixir of exams – Last day you met with your senior and he told you that you must practice hard, competition is hard, study this, don’t study this, concentrate on this, these type of questions come, I am a guru, praise me, lay in front of me, worship me, I am your senior. Okay, I went a little bit far… But you can imagine them soon leading you for nothing but a tag of senior. Do you really think you need advice? Do you really think that there is anything such as experience in giving exams? The one who failed got more experience? Really? Then why did he fail again and again? I am not talking about seniors who got through in first attempt because you rarely will find him/her giving advice. Believe yourself, if you ever needed any external advice you never would be here. You did this on your own. You have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. You have your books and you have your exam date, your own pen and your own paper sheet, your brain, your mind, your determination and your ambition. Only you can change the present and your future. Don’t let your mind get deteriorated with useless stuff of which there is no proof. Talking about proof, here my third point evolves.

3. Marks slashing syndrome – Last time when my friend called me he said that he had his IPCC exam and he failed in G-II and wanted to come over to my place. After all the talk I came to realize that he was suffering with marks slashing syndrome. People suffering with this syndrome believe that the only reason that they failed is due to slashing of marks and increase in difficulty. We still being professionals believe that institute slash out marks with some proportion to decrease the result? Time to take a chill pill. No facts, no figures, no talks, nothing! But I will disturb my mind because people say so. Right? Result is not decreased but marking may be tougher but one must be assured that if everything is correct, not even the hades of hell will be able to deduct your marks. Institute is not a personal enemy of yours though it has started to sweep out the undeserving ones. It is just a losers’ way (sorry to say that but true) to blame the institute for the things you cannot do and from here the 4th myth evolves.

4. I prepared well but because of this and that I failed – I failed because this happened. I am not prepared well because that happen. Do you even believe that there is anything that stops you from doing whatever you want? 86400 seconds not enough? Was the exam difficult or what you read didn’t come? I guess we are playing the mediocrity here. We have to stop blaming the things which are out of control. We must acknowledge that whatever we are, it is because of the decisions we took in the past. Nothing affected our decisions and if it did we were so weak to even pull against that thing. Admit it! There is no shame. If exams were easy everybody could have done it. If they were easy everybody would be the CEO of the company. It is not easy but it is simple. If you have read everything then everything is simple but if you didn’t then you weren’t even ready.

5. Each friend is necessary – I know because I have been through it that when we see other people in colleges or elsewhere living a normal life, we feel a bit envious and accept everyone we meet as our friend because we are social animals and we need friends to discuss, share and for everything. Some friends are such low lives that they even put you down and waste your time in their gossips and even tease you that will you top the exam that you are studying all the day, excite you to join forbidden and short lived pleasures. It is better not to have any friend rather than having those. Life is not ended yet. We have plenty of time. A real world is waiting and real life is waiting. Our ambitions are much wider and much in depth that those people can ever realize and imagine. I just want to say that your friends are low lives don’t act surprised, look just cut the bad fruit of the tree make the sacrifice!

My last words to all the aspirants – Believe that you are true. You need only one person to believe in your dreams and that can be you. If you believe everything is possible, then it really is. Things and people from the outside will distract your mind and will tell you that you will fail no matter how hard you try. Time is to stop believing in any myth you face and anything that your mind disapproves. A pig will remain pig and will not like the beauty of an ocean but of pure mud. Insects get attracted to fire because they wanted to find that can never be found out, they touch the fire and die. Myths are like fire and we are insects. Let us not look into the puzzle that cannot be solved. Best respect we can give is to ourselves and our brain. Protect it, embrace it, feed it with power and in last you will thank yourself that you have made this far with help of nothing else but you.

Chiranjiv Kumar


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CA Chiranjiv Kumar
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