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1. Self study v/s  Coaching:-

First decide whether you wanna opt for self study or coaching. If you think you are not good enough with practicals, or don’t have a person to guide you or solve your problem ,then it’s better to take coaching. Otherwise if you think a good book can help you in crystal clear way. Then you can opt for self study.

a. No matter what you choose, believe that it will only be good.  Because sometime people take coaching from  different  teacher and say “ yaar isse acha to hum khud hi self study kar lete”   Avoid this situation.

2. Understand your syllabus:-

Now after deciding what medium you wanna use for your studies, its time to go for next step. Understand your syllabus. Have a bird-view over your syllabus. See the various question pattern from compiler, suggested answers.

a. In this part you can also go for group discussion with your seniors. How should you plot your strategy for upcoming exams.  Make sure don’t make this discussion too long. One or two talks can simply render the same purpose.

3. Good Book:-

Another crucial question. If you are taking coaching, then you’ll get the study material from there by itself. But if you are studying by yourself then choose books after assessing your style

a. The best book in the market.

b. Your main learning style.

c. Compatibility of your style with the book.

d. If the book doesn’t match with your compatibility, then it will be more good that you don’t purchase that book.

4. Buy wrong book:-

Ab student life me har chij perfect hone lagi to panga hi kya tha. Now suppose you bought the wrong book, so before switching on to another book first assess these points:-

a. What’s the big reason to change the book

b. It’s just  a chapter which is bothering you or  it’s the whole book

c. If it’s just about a particular chapter then you can refer some notes .

d. But if it’s the whole book and in addition you don’t find the remedy of  searching “Best book” then it’s better to make your own notes.

5. Planning:- Now it’s time to use your mind. Count all the subjects you have to do. Second count all the time you have.  And then  first mark all the important chapters of that particular subject.  And while making combination of subjects make sure you take 1 easy subject against one  tough subject. Because if you take all tough subjects first , you’ll lose all your interest in studies. And in the contrary situation you will fall in traps of fear after completing your easy subjects. As you’ll think time is less to study tough subjects.

6. Time allocation:- As audit session is going on. Reaching home late is very often. And normally no one is left with so much energy to read. So make sure you can devote ½ to  1 hour atleast to read one subject at late night. And  in the morning  you can read something even if  you wake up at 6 Am. Because once  you will be able to establish consistency, then  you’ll be able to remove your fear which is biggest obstacle in achieving the rank.

7. FB or no FB:- this is something really critical.  Because in this step people usually get confuse. Our thinking goes like this “ If I don’t come on facebook or other social networking site , then  how will I make my timepass. I don’t feel like reading at all.”

a. There are many persons whom I have seen that they used to delete their facebook accounts at very early stage and then used to get totally indulged  in social sites at exam stage which is the biggest blunder.

b. Don’t compromise anything for anything. You are studying for your good. You can’t choose between food and water. They both are part of life. So cut the extra time wasting on such activities which hinders your study life. Rest are just fine to keep you in positive mood.

8. Group study/ self:- if you are kind of person that loves with reading with peers, then find one or 2 persons who can be your best companion to study. Otherwise you can study by yourself and according to your style. If you think group study is nothing more than a chat room , then simply stay out of it. Because you already have facebook for it.

9. Performance: - Sometimes we draft a plan but we almost forgot what the target date was. Or sometime we just stop our work in between and say “ I have other more important works. First let me finish them, then I will  achieve my study targets, as I have loads of time”

a. Now suppose if you had 2 month target to finish a particular subject. And after 5 days you have important work. And you spend 15 days in that particular work.

b. Now thinking goes I already have wasted 20 days. I can’t do all this in 40 days. leave this….. let’s move on to next chapter.

c. Never do this. Make performance report for each and every day. Even if you don’t do any works just note it down.

d. Because such performance report will give you a mirror view of your aim every day.  And ultimately will help you in reminding  your real aim.

10. Mentally calm:- there is no meaning to be disturbed. Sometime circumstances are so stressful. Sometime friends don’t understand you.  Simply follow the rule “Stay happy stay blessed”. If you know some kind a argument  is going on just step back, there is no need to prove yourself right  or wrong. Ultimately the person will know the truth someday. Because our main focus is to  achieve the aim not clearing any misconceptions.

In short never compromise with your aim for any negativity and fear. Cheerful smile not just win hearts  but also make the journey of success enjoyable .angel



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