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Like everyone else in the world we always think that one or other task seems to be impossible. Being a CA student, I always used to think AIR 1 seems to be impossible for me. But then I thought why they can but I cannot and there seems to be a possibility afterward. This applies to every situation in life also.

All of us know very well the situation of education system in India; the situation is very frightening. The worst is the most important level i.e. basic level. The latest Annual Status of Education Report states almost 50% of students in standard 5th cannot read textbook of standard 2nd and almost 60% of students of standard 8th were unable to do the basic mathematical operations. This terrible situation enforces us to think the reason behind it. We start thinking, is teacher the reason behind it? Yes, it is, but if we carefully observe the state of Indian education especially the government schools, it is worst. Though government is spending a lot of money on the same yet they are not delivering the expected result. We need to ponder over the point to find out the exact reason which hits education system the most. The government is spending the money all around and paying more money to the government teacher than the private teacher. Yet, they are not delivering the expected result and why they should deliver when they are having better job security even without performing. When we ask anyone for the solution who is aware of the fact, everyone is simply clueless. And it seems impossible to solve the problem.

But there always exists a possible shape of what we think is impossible. There is always a solution for every problem and similarly for this too. The solution is competition. Yes, competition can solve this problem. The lack of competition or we can say no competition resisting the teachers from performing well as they know that the poor don’t have alternative of government school. Poor would continue to come to the government school and state would continue to run the schools and they would continue to earn much in exchange of their ad-hoc services and teaching.

In order to solve the problem, the next task is to bring the competition into the picture. US have shown the way, the recently elected government has ushered the voucher system to reform education system. Under the voucher system, the government will provide money to parents in the form of voucher instead of spending money on government school. This can also be introduced in India also, where parents would have the opportunity to decide the best private school for their children and submit the voucher. The school can encash it with the government. In this way, government would keep spending but in a transformed manner and student would get far better education. This would also give a sense of competition to government teachers and would enforce them to perform better. It is clearly showing us the possible shape of what we are thinking impossible and would completely transform the education system in India.

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Ajay Agrawal
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