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Thanks Caclubindia by Sudhir Halakhandi
At the night of 11th Feb 2009 after returning back from my office I was at computer as usual and when I was on caclubindiasite suddenly I found my photograph on the homepage and surprised to read the words attached with me!!!!! What is said is all about me and I feel honoured for such recognition.
Further after writing something I always wait for reactions and after thinking that since I am writing a lot in almost all the top tax journals, I thought that everybody read me and everybody knows me. Every body needs recognition and I am also one of them. See when I wrote on VAT of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh in VAT special of Delhi Based journal I thought that when VAT will be introduced in my own state Government will certainly contact me. Vat came, successfully implementedand at that time I was replying the queries of traders of the state in a Hindi daily in my weekly column and getting lot of questions from all over the state but the Government was taking the advice from the same so called VAT experts who were the part of 2003 VAT campaign . In one of my visit to capital of the state I accidentally came to know that one of those experts did not know the ABC of VAT. I was unable to understand the system at that time.
Further see the another incident with my talk with the president of a professional body who wanted to indicate me something about my aggressive SMS and after giving me a good lecture he wants to know who is SUDHIR HALAKHANDI after all. I gave him thereply him in a very cool way and he understood m feeling or not I dont know but when I told him Sir, you know Who is Sudhir Halakhandi He said I havent heard this name . I told him sir, you are the chief editor of the Journal of your professional body and in its latest issue I wrote an article covering the 10 pages (one of the longest article of that journal) and my name and photograph is with it. He told me that I have shortage of time and cant read the journal. Again I was surprised to know that editors did not read their own magazines and further the chiefs of the professional bodies dont know what their Journals are publishing. Once again I failed to understand the system.
You know GST will be introduced in India in 2010. I wrote a lot on this subject and even till sometimes back there was a myth Type Goods and service Tax on Google search Engine you will find only what is written by Sudhir Halakhandi. I have also wrote a lot for some of the professional Bodies on the GST and in most of the cases till recently what is written by me is the only material available on the site on the subject. Now when these bodies started forming committees to support the Government on GST, most of my friends thought that I must be an automatic choice but again I was surprised to see the lists of experts on the committees. I was nowhere!!! Once again I was failed to understand the system.
I have a passion for writing and it is god gifted since I am writing on every subject connected with the Law specially the taxation law and since last 10 years not having a single rejection. Whenever I see a New Journal, I sent one article for to it and every time got it published. Hence such System failures were unable to stop me.
When PCC results declared recently , My son was also one of the candidate and since he has not given me the roll Numbers hence I told one of my friend at branch of ICAI of the city where he has given the examination to keep a watch on the result but when result was declared I got a news to his getting passed but till the evening I was busy with the students who did not get the success mostly from my office and my articles and some from other cities on my cell but suddenly after talking to them I got an idea for How to cope PCC failure and believe me I have rated it one of the best article from my side till today out of the 300 articles written by me and this article was written by me by heart . After completing this article I went to the Caclubindia site to post I got a PM from admin Congratulation on success of your son. Here first time I came to know that some systems are not only working but they are working very fast.
Further from the day one after hosting of my article How to cope PCC failure I started receiving the messages from students and further lot of comments are added to the article by the readers and specially the students. I once again realised that some systems are working.
And now this recognition!!! For what?? I have not done any thing unusual and great but I think Caclubindia knows it to recognise the small efforts to give the encouragement and to keep the things going!!! This system really works and since it is working I am here.
Thanks Caclubindia!!!!!!!
-ca sudhir halakhandi

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