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Introduction: ICWA December -2011 exams, mostly 60 days in hand to preparation. In this article I would like to suggest some tips & strategies for targeting success in the examination.

1. Prepare your study time table:

Managing time for study is very important task while doing professional course, that also with doing job and studying it is little bit difficult. So plan your study time table for next 60 days carefully. While preparing time table, you can make the theory portion in the morning hours, because morning hours our mind always be free and fresh, it easily understand the concept and object of the subject matters. Better keep your practical & problems portion in the day time & night time. It will be useful to your preparation.

2. Give equal interest to all subjects:

As a human being, everyone has some like and dislike in all the matters, in studies also we follow the same. Out of all subjects we may have more interest on some subjects, someone likes accounting, someone like taxations and some like laws, but while preparing professional exams we need to give equal interest and importance to all subjects, this will help to negligence in dislike subjects and over confidence in like subjects.

3. Concentrate the study with cool mind:

I got query from several students that “they are scared & tensed because only 2 months available for preparation and some worried about particular subjects” so please don’t think as only 60 days available, think as 60 more days are available to prepare. Always reduce the tension and concentrate in studies with cool mind. It will help to come out with your worries about the subjects also.

4. Prepare your own notes:

For all the subjects try to prepare your own notes to the extent possible, instead of studying the notes prepared by others, if you prepare by yourself, it will help to remember the concepts at anytime and also no need to go back and refer the notes again and again. So try to prepare your own notes to the subject.

5. Selection of reference books:

Please select the correct reference books recommended by the institute & advisors, prefer for leading books which help to understand the subject and also useful to the practice for problems & revision purpose. Selection of good books will lead you for half success in the course.

6. Collection of  suggested answers:

Please try to collect the suggested answers by the institutes for previous exams and refer. It will help us to know the way of present our answers to the question in the exams and give clear understanding about the questions patterns.

7. Make frequent group discussion with friends:

Try to make habit for frequent group discussion about the subjects with your friends & study circle. it will help to know more about the subject matters and concepts, also help to correct ourself if any wrong understanding or confusion in conceptual matters. So make group discussion habit with friends & study circle.

8. Visit Institute &  Knowledge portals:

On process of our studies we need to know the recent changes & updates in our field of studies. This process helps us to grow ourself as dynamic professional students. We need to visit the institute web portals & other knowledge portal regularly along with the study process to know about the latest changes.

9. Use of scanners:

Purchase the scanners available for the course. Scanners are very useful tools to know about the areas of we need to concentrate more and how to prepare for exams and the question which are repetitive nature and know more about objective types questions and answers for the same.

10. Self examination process:

Self examination process which means in each subject select and keep some last year question papers and after finish your studies in each subject try to attend yourself honestly like real exam yourself. This will help to understand & assess your strengths & weakness in the particular subject and correct yourself.

So target to complete your CWA exams in December-2011 and achieve your dreams.

Good Luck & All the best


CMA.Ramesh Krishnan

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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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