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Everything you need to know about Tally ERP on the Cloud

vishal dharmadhikari , Last updated: 10 November 2022  

Cloud-based Tally accounting software

Tally ERP is a small and medium-sized business software program with various advantages such as payroll administration, salary, inventory, salary, invoices, reports, and more. Tally was limited to office sites only but with cloud computing, it is now available on the Cloud and effortlessly available over the globe. 

Is Tally ERP cloud-based?

A tally is a Windows-based software that does not allow for direct remote access from any place in the world. To access cloud web tally, third-party cloud service providers like Tallycloudhub are needed. The cloud provides features like instant availability, remote printing, a user-friendly interface, encryption, and security. Tally ERP does not need to be installed on distant devices, such as laptops or mobile phones. The latest release of Tally ERP 9 version 6.6 is the catalyst for the launch of the tally solutions cloud on the internet.

Everything you need to know about Tally ERP on the Cloud

What is Tally ERP on Cloud?

One of the primary characteristics of cloud computing is the ability to host Tally ERP software on the cloud as Software As A Service (SAAS). It was possible only because of the cloud to make the software available to the employees working from home or remotely to increase the work efficiency. The cloud edition of Tally ERP is compatible with cloud hosting. Multiple users can upload files to the data server at the same time.

What are the various benefits of Tally on Cloud?

The following are the most notable characteristics of Tally on Cloud:

  • Tally data is easily accessible on the cloud from any location.
  • Tally Cloud is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Cloud accounting is RDP-based so tally remote access is possible through log-in portals.
  • Without any server downtime, security patch upgrades and auto tally backups are performed on a regular basis on the cloud.

Tally On Cloud And Tally on-premise Comparison

Tally on-premise is based on LAN. Setting up data servers for Tally in your office premise is a one-time capital investment. The cost is expensive since it involves routine maintenance and a management team to look after the servers. Tally data is only accessible within the confines of the office. Because the data centers are on-premise, scaling up or down resources is tough. The software and methods are out-of-date and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

RDP is the foundation of Tally On Cloud (Remote Desktop Protocol). Cost-effective, with the most up-to-date software and ways of operation. The data servers are well-protected. Tally on Cloud allows you to access your tally accounts from anywhere at any time. Because the software is hosted in the cloud, resource scaling and downscaling are simple to execute.


What factors should you consider when selecting a cloud provider for your Tally ERP?


Because data security is critical for corporate management, it is critical to choose a Tally cloud service provider that provides extremely granular protection for storing Tally data. To avoid any system delays, data should be stored close to the customers. To avoid dangers from within the organization, it should take the least privileged approach.


Total Cost of Ownership refers to the total cost of resources utilized (TCO). A suitable cloud provider can be chosen based on the company's needs.



Tally on-premises is more expensive than Tally on Cloud. Tally on Cloud is a lower cost and offers a number of features such as remote access from anywhere at any time, pay for resources utilized, frequent backup, and security fixes. Whereas on-premise provides Tally customization to the user and would require a management team to handle on-premise servers.

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