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Success System to destroy the CA examination Devil!

Mythreya , Last updated: 25 April 2021  

Success System to destroy the CA examination Devil!

Dear Students,

Thank you for the stupendous encouragement given to me and my articles.

Do join my community and get tips, all articles in one-go and clarifications .


These are pointers to a success-system which you must develop on your own to clear this exam.

A system is differentiated from process. Process is a mere technique or a tactic employed. System is a broadened picture akin to strategy.

Those who follow only processes, tips and techniques sans a solid over-all strategy invariably fail to take over the examination devil.

Yes, CA exam is a devil! I have no hang-ups or religious verbosity to defend it with conservatism and politeness and praise it. The examination is set to fail students.This is the hard reality which many fail to understand.

According to me exams are an inefficient way to analyze a person's capability. But then there is a standard measurement which needs to be adopted and that too for a developing country like India seeped in conservatism, diffidence and rigidness in study and education systems, exams are treated like veritable Gods!

I say exams are devils! ...

They(CA exams in this case) sap your emotional energy, your self-esteem, they create too much of pressure in your head, neurons get depleted by too much of prolonged study-sessions, the person enters into a rut, there is a status quo into which passed out CAs enter and begin a  vicious cycle of ill-treating all else who did not pass(this adds pressure to the student preparing considering CA exam to be one very difficult and hard nut to crack), egos get ruffled, the body enervates with strain, pressure of not having study-holidays, the current transfership ban and other red-tapist woes, reports/rumours that CA exam is being heavily moderated, expectations of near and dear ones who begin to value you in terms of you being a pass or a fail in this man-made exam, the worry of opportunities after the exam, Student suicides(each time I read such cases in India, I shed tears),etc.

Yeah, CA exam is a veritable devil set to pounce on you. I’m not going to sing praises for this exam-devil which saps my brothers and sisters of India. For once I’m going to side with students very vehemently....yeah; I know that sounds like a goody-goody political Bhaashan.

But then I care for my country and the youth who are suffering.

The system is so wrong and the system has created a Devil. The Devil called CA exam. I don’t care about niceties and expressional/Verbal politeness. I care about YOU students who are reading and how best I can help you.

Even as I type these lines, many might say inside, "Tch Tch...this dude is writing nonsense.CA exam is such a sacred cow and this dude is calling it a devil. He was writing sane articles till now, now I think he has gone cuckoo"


Yeah, sometimes I go cuckoo and shout over roof-tops that the "Emperor is running around naked!"


The education system created the current CA exam Devil.

1. Many faint in the beginning itself without even fighting the "devil" at the mere sight of it. (Leaving the exam for next attempt or absenting oneself from writing all the exams after mere poor performance in the first exam)

2. Some lose track and prepare in a slipshod manner, SURELY knowing they fail and the DEVIL would eat them up.

However, there is a final category which sits up and thinks.

I used to think like this, "Yeah this system is bad. The exams are making my friends leave me in shame that they did not clear. They separate me from my friends because I have passed the exam and they did not. This system creates divides much like caste, religion, creed, etc...This is the new intellectual dogma. How should I help my friends, my brothers and sisters?......"

What should be done? I pondered like the despondent Arjuna on the battlefield. Luckily my ‘Krishna’ came from my own soul in the form of a system....

To kill the devil and smash it to smithereens...you need the hammer of a SUCCESS SYSTEM!


If they have a system and they can create a devil.

So can you! This is the simple secret.


You can create your own system and smash the illusory devil with your super-hero.

Yes, the DEVIL is lurking only in the mind. It can thrive only in the recesses of your brain, in the interior spaces of your heart and in a distant illusory, mayavic future.So ‘they’ can implant it only there.

I went to an Aghori(a Yogi) in Kasi...he used to say..."Sab Maya Hain..." and He used to laugh deliriously!

Yeah! Haha! CA Exam devil is a MAYA(Illusion)...maybe I too should maverically laugh like him. People don’t understand they are in Maya...sab maya hain!

Maybe now the super-hero must come to your aid... (Yeah, I know all this sounds childish and simplistic but then if you ponder deep, you will know what I’m trying to tell you is really profound. I’m making it look simple. I can type a hubris(complicated stuff) before you, get into your good books as an intellectual Sahib and get a name for myself but frankly I’m not helping you...and that is why this ploy and tactic to help you)

Your super-hero which emanates from the success-system is the spirit which beats this devil into submission.

The system is very simple. I give less number of pointers(5 pointers) to ink my concepts in your sub-conscious psyche.

The success-system when followed yields you control over this devil called CA exams and totally destroys it and you too can become a successful student who clears the CA exam in minimal number of attempts and many a time in the first attempt itself with even a rank to go-by!

Pointer 1: Love what you are doing.

I simply love what I’m doing. This is what differentiates me from the rest. This is the secret of my success. I come from a very poor middle class Brahmin family. I was subjected to many a humiliation by my economically richer relatives and 'friends', yet with great intellectual confidence, with chutzpah which defies all odds, working even at menial jobs I have made success not just in India but also in USA and Canada...This is stated here not to boast about myself(for everything is god-given, nothing of my own) but to inspire you. In all this I never forget 2 things 

1. My roots


2. Loving what one does.

This is the first prana (breath of life) which you infuse into your super-hero—Spirit (the genie) to beat this CA exam devil.

The prana of love...

Not loving what you do and making you bored and squeezing your time to bloody bits, is the tactic of this CA Exam devil and it is done by its hands. Your hands instead of studying do many other things, instead of working out problems indulge in various other activities…I don’t blame you it is the devil which does it…so be cool!

But with this pranic love, you cut the hands of this devil asunder!

Pointer 2: The Aim of CA exam study is CA exam study itself!

Bhagavad-Gita my constant companion to teach me all the truths of life, says that do the work but for work in itself (not results thereof)...this is the greatest joy, this is the greatest psychological truth which Lord Krishna has stated philosophically. I used to read this even while studying under a staircase (accommodation) in Canada shivering in the cold with just an overcoat on myself and a few dollars with me sent by my economically poor father from India. 

This flows from the first Pointer my dear friends.

Unless you love what you are doing you won’t know how to implement this deeper philosophy of aiming for CA exam study for CA exam study sake and not for pass/marks/ranks. Many keep goals yet they don’t achieve it. The precise reason being the lack of this unadulterated effort. (Unadulterated by the goal dangling before you)

When a student understands that the aim of CA studies is not a mere pass, but CA studies in itself and the resultant joy it provides, he or she ceases to fix attention exclusively on the final result. The fear of the final result is the devil's legs. It makes you run from one coaching centre to another, it makes you accumulate notes after notes(yet reading very little out of the collected notes!)…I don’t blame your legs,it’s the devil inside you which makes you run like this. Stay in peace! You cut the devil's legs by this pointer.

Now, the devil collapses, yet it is still alive and like Rakthabeejaasura it can again re-grow its limbs unless you are swift in action like the Samurai in the 'Five Rings'.

Pointer 3: Believe in prayers and self-help.

I know some of you are atheists but even you can get some help with affirmations.

 For the rest I would advice. Keep praying to God every day. This is not accepting defeat or becoming a coward. It is the highest connection you develop with infinity. Have self-help books around, whether you need them or read them. Just their presence would augur in good spirits, positive vibes and allies to help you vanquish this demon.

Self-help books even save lives. I know lot of people who were battling clinical depression who survived reading books like "Success through a positive mental attitude". God is always a Good God!

This helps you cope up with thoughts of failure. This is not mere placebo, it actually helps. Prayers help a lot in bringing in the cosmic universal energy into your frail nervous system.

More things are wrought by prayer

 Than this world dreams of… Wherefore, let thy voice

 Rise like a fountain for me night and day.

 For what are men better than sheep or goats

 That nourish a blind life within the brain,

 If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer

 Both for themselves and those who call them friend?

 For so the whole round earth is every way

 Bound by gold chains about the feet of God.—Alfred Tennyson(Morte D’ Arthur--Poems)

Your head keeps chattering in fear both inside and outside in diffidence and fear.But then I don’t blame you again for it is the devil in you who does the talking.

However, with this pointer the chattering devil's head is cut.

Yet the devil can still resuscitate in totality!

Pointer 4: Learn from the experience of others and mentors.


Being open-minded to suggestions from those who have excelled, considering someone to be a mentor for life, etc is a great step to further decimate this devil. 

The experienced people have already been there and done it. You need not re-invent the wheel!

Mentors are great sources for self-confidence and inspiration. They give you insights into the activity knowledge and the know-how to pass exams.

Activity knowledge and know-how to approach exams lie in the heart of passing the exams. This is the innermost fear which besets the hearts of students…whether I’m going right?...Whether I bought the right books?...Whether I’m going to the proper coaching centers?...Your heart beats faster, randomly, skips a beat when something bad happens.I don’t blame you, it is the devil’s heart which does all these tricks…Stay calm…

This pointer plucks out the heart of the CA devil....yet the devil can re-grow!

Pointer 5: This pointer I have already dealt with in my posting about positive crisis creation. This totally burns the devil to cinders and gulps it! So that there is no possibility of it to re-grow again!


Read about this here: https://www.caclubindia.com/articles/how-to-clear-ca-exam-in-one-go-crisis-situation-is-the-key--4573.asp

These 5 pointers help create your own success-system and a spirit (genie) which emanates from it to kill, exterminate, decimate the devil which has been produced by the education system--the bane of Exams to evaluate people.

This is the strategy template I give using the metaphorical concept of a battle between the David(Student) and the Goliath(Exam). The metaphor might be gross but has been described by me in a unique way to embed the concept completely in your mind.

But am sure, you feel relieved deep inside reading this as all along you have had to endure a sort of pent-up stress.

Try this system and not only will it work like how it worked with people whom I advised, you also take your "sweet-revenge"!

Be a warrior of sorts and take up the sword of challenge!


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