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How to clear CA exam in one-go!-Crisis situation is the KEY!

Mythreya , Last updated: 25 April 2021  


Creating a Positive Crisis-situation

 A student must create a “crisis-situation” to clear this exam. Most of the students are either lackadaisical in their efforts, or waste tremendous amounts of time and then end up dusting their study material and reference books in the nth second; also many students are also diffident and thus evade studying.

You must create a crisis-situation for completion of this exam else, squat can happen! Now, crisis-situation does not mean you tell yourself that “I’m going to die/commit suicide if I don’t clear this attempt”

No! This is most foolish. I’m not advising you to employ such extreme ruses. This is creating a Negative crisis situation.

How to clear CA exam in one-go!—Crisis situation is the KEY!

Greetings students!

Many dream of becoming a CA but the fact that it takes many attempts to clear this exam, deters them from this course.

But success is simple. It is not complicated at all.

However, many give the run-of-the-mill advices as in:

Work hard/Study Hard


Be courageous

Concentrate on your studies

Don’t waste time

Read one reference book

Attend coaching classes

Take care of your health—Mental and physical

Pray God and seek Luck in exams




Yes, all these advices are good. You might have heard them again and again in your life starting from your school, why this course?

However, Mythreya has for you a different take on this matter of clearing exams. I’m not going to bore you with such staid advices. You may hit the search engine in this site or on Google or the like and get tones of such advices to “chew the cud”!

I use this particular concept of POSITIVE CRISIS CREATION in my life with 100% success! I’m a living proof, so I pen these words (rather type them out for you) with great conviction as to its success.



Crisis-situation means creating what psychologists call –“Structural tension” in the brain needed to prime it, make it alert and work for you to achieve the goal.

You really have to be gung-ho and upbeat about the whole thing from day 1 till you finish your last exam in CA Final. If you slack anywhere in-between you miss the bus.

Look around you, how many students do you find have a “crisis-situation” to clear it in the relevant attempt and study really serious. Most start with a basic assumption that it’s not going to work or that time is not sufficient or that they can write next attempt.

This crisis-situation is called Death-Ground strategy in Military parlance. It is also referred to as crossing the Rubicon. "Crossing the Rubicon" is a popular idiom meaning to pass a point of no return. This phrase is often used by journalists in newspapers. It refers to Caesar's 49 BC crossing of the river, which was considered an act of war.

A sense of urgency comes from a powerful connection to the present. Instead of dreaming of a rescue or hoping for a better future, you have to face the issue at hand. Fail and you perish.

People who involve themselves completely in the immediate problem are intimidating. Because they are focusing so intensely, they seem more powerful than they are. Their sense of urgency multiplies their strength and gives them momentum.

...You must locate the root of your problem. It is not the people or events around you; it is yourself and the spirit with which you face the world. In the back of your mind you keep an escape route - a crutch, something to turn to if things go bad. Maybe it is the lure of writing next attempt, maybe the lure of writing just one Group and planning to clear easily; maybe it is some grand opportunity on the horizon in some other course/career, the endless vistas of time and opportunities that seem to be before you. Maybe it is a familiar job or a comfortable relationship or escape into spirituality (and Law of Karma), that is always there if you fail...You may see this as a blessing, but in fact, it is a curse. It divides you. Because you think you have options you never involve yourself completely enough in one thing to do it thoroughly, and you never quite get what you want. Sometimes you need to...leave yourself just one option: Succeed or go down. Make it as real as possible. Get rid of your safety net. Sometimes you have to become a little desperate to get anywhere! And this is a kind of positive selfishness and don’t side with naysayers who don’t agree with being aggressive (with yourself first) to get success.

...Over two thousand years ago, the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu...talked of a 'death ground', a place where an army is backed up against some geographical feature...and has no escape route. Without a way to retreat, Sun Tzu argued, an army fights with double or triple the spirit it would have on open terrain because death is viscerally present. Sun Tzu advocated deliberately stationing soldiers on death ground to give them the desperate edge that makes men fight like the devil. That is what Hernán Cortés did in Mexico, and it is the only sure way to create a real fire in the belly.

The world is ruled by necessity. People change their behavior only if they have to. They will feel urgency only if their lives depend on it. Death ground is a psychological phenomenon that goes well beyond the battlefield. It is any set of circumstances in which you feel enclosed and without options. There is very real pressure at your back and you cannot retreat. Time is running out. Failure, a form of psychic death, is staring you in the face. You must act, or suffer the consequences.

The trick is to use this effect deliberately from time to time, to practice it on yourself as a kind of wake up call.

Do what it takes to create a crisis-situation. Announce to near and dear ones that you are planning to clear your CA this attempt, write on your walls some inspirational message (anything is fine here and need not always be the standard “I’m getting a rank in CA” or” I’m clearing the CA exam this attempt”).Do not think of consequences of what might happen when people see you fail in the exam. You can delegate that thinking later if you fail. First concentrate on creating this crisis (without getting emotionally attached, of course), then work your course in a planned strategic manner like a battle (an Army general will not start with the words, “Soldiers and comrades, let us analyze the possibility of you dying in the battle…” He says, “Go fight for your country! Do or die trying!”…This is the clarion call for the soldier not some soft-talk about consequences and negative possibilities.)

People who succeed have created a death-ground strategy either knowingly or for most cases unknowingly. In fact, many keep this as a secret lest people laugh at them. Also, most don’t know how to explain this to others. It is one thing that Sachin plays good cricket but it is entirely another thing for him to explain how he actually goes about hitting the shots technically, how he positions the ball in his mind, etc.

And yes like all rules this too might have an exception inasmuch as a student having no death-ground strategy, yet clearing the exam merely by luck or by a chance of positive events. However, if you lack pluck, you are going to heavily depend on luck and sometimes you will be in for rude surprises.

So, work out a positive crisis situation for yourself, dear students. And for those who don’t agree to this psychological concept, I have no arguments with them! Choice is yours.

Every other darned thing about success comes next.

Your wellwisher,




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