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Introduction: Hardly a week ahead to CMA December 2012 exams, students are very busy with their revision schedule and final preparation to face the exams. Before facing the exams, I would like to suggest some tips to follow this days and exams days to overcome your challenges in the exams.

1. Properly Plan your last minute preparation: Your Preparation at this stage is to be well planned and need to very point to point preparation, incase if you are not studied any portion, better you left the portion without giving too much time, because it will concede more time as well as some time give fear and finally that lead tension. While tension you cannot concentrate on revision on the portion which already you studied. So be properly plan your last minutes study as giving more value.

2. Avoid last time mistakes: List out all your mistakes did in previous exams and find out the solutions for avoid the same in current term in all aspects either study, exam time actions everything. It will increase your confidence level in exam time.

3. Motivate yourself:  Self motivation is a basic factor for your study and exams motivate yourself always the exam preparation and exam days. Self motivation will take care your depression and disappointments if anything during exam days.

4. Prepare for the worst: Examination is not only test of your knowledge also test for your mental strength, so in exams whether paper easy or difficult , be calm and try to give your efforts best in the exams. Be preparing for the worst, which will make you to face any exam easily.

5. Derive your exam strategy: Prepare your strategy for face the exams very bold manner, Basic objective of your strategy will be your goal in exams. It may clear the papers and getting good marks with rank whatever it may be, stick to your strategy in any point of exams.

6. Be active: Exam days are very important period which you are facing for career, be active all these days. Active in the sense not to study late hours but study in planned manner, it will improve your actions in the exams because action is the basic factor for getting success.

7. Aim your Goal: Final objective of your exams will always aim your absolute final goal. Be strong in your goal to get success.

8. Leave your fear: The very much basic factor for your success is to leave your fear and face the exams.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure” – Bill Cosby.

So leave your fear to taste your success.

9. Self confidence: Whether attending exams with self study or after taking coaching classes, the final result will come based on your self confidence level of attending exams. Be confident for your success.

10. Positive thinking: Think always positive in every aspect; if you miss an opportunity don’t fill the eyes with tears. It will hide another better opportunity in front of you. So keep thinking positive.

Conclusion: Failures will not an end of everything; Success will not end of your dream. Take failure as one more chance to do the thing in better way and success as beginning of another dream. So prepare for the worst and try to give your best, because the success is near to your hand.

Thank & Good luck.

CMA Ramesh Krishnan

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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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