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Stress & Management of the Stress

CA Satish Badve , Last updated: 03 June 2023  

Stress is not an enjoyable word. This is because, every time we approach any Doctor or on social media everywhere it, I mentioned that lot of abnormalities in health & mindset in today's day to day life is because of stress which is eighter due to our work style or lifestyle.

We as a CA Professional face this issue of stress in olden days only in the month of Aug, Sept, & Mar., this is because eighter the last date or extended last date of filing the return or completion of eighter bank audit or company audit. This we may called as professional hazard or stress. However, in recent times, we feel a stressful situation in most of the year with a large surprise content from Income tax, GST, MOC portal or SMS from the dept to us routed through the client. We are habituated of the clients who eighter appear on the last date of the filing of the return or extended last date of the same.

Though, the stress in our case is a part of professional life nevertheless, it also effects on our health though slowly and unknowingly. Whether we notice, like it or not.

In my earlier days of practice, I use to wake up every day for at least a week after the due date of filing by seeing the client in the office, who says please file.

But don't worry, stress is also funny & Enjoy Bunny Stress is Very Funny.

Stress and Management of the Stress

Stress looks to be funny because

1. It is invisible.

2. It begin with mind occupancy & then flow to body.

3. There are no standard visible symptoms for the stress.

4. It cannot be measured as no thermometer is available which measures the same on a daily basis.

5. It behaves as an attention-seeking child, resurfacing again and again unless treated.

6. Being an individual base, it has to be treated by self only, nobody helps.

7. It last longer, if unknown, not noticed, but very less if known.

8. No standard treatment is available, a pill applicable to all, at the early stage of routine day to day stress.


However, it is possible to make the stress visible through our past experiences, as stress-triggered objects, exists in person, situation, place, change, no change, & came across on day-to-day basis. It is as simple as why my number city bus (Best) not come when I am standing on the stop? All the rest appear. & if I had cab, then the bus you are waiting for is just behind you.

I think if last year, I had stress on the due date of filing, I should work on the same this year and at least feel that I have reduced the same to some extent. The steps to be taken informing client in case, you submit the papers on or before this date, we undertake to file on due date, however, if submission after a particular date, we may try to file on time, but it may be possible the same will be filed late.

In our Professional life, I came across some standard symptoms of stress which are as follows

1. Though, more returns filed on the day, we fill still majority remaining.

2. We postpone recreation, outing and a holiday with family after due date of return.

3. We feel we should take gap frequently, or delayed frequency for a tea, snacks.

4. We always, feel, speak, lot of work through nothing new this year, except the changes. Every time I ask my fellow CA too much busy, not able to meet, he says yes may be some time, but when I ask, any new, jackpot of income, he says no. This means we are busy for the sake of busy is an indication of stress.

5. We tent not to move, remain sited for the longer time, even postpone drinking water.

6. We read a joke on what's up, neither, we understand, nor we feel to laugh.

The measurement of the stress level, one thump rule will be

  1. If you read a joke on what's up, neither you feel to read, nor you understand, nor you able to laugh. …. Stress level 100%....
  2. If you read, you understand and laugh instantly for a minute………. Stress level 75%....
  3. If you read a joke, you understand, you laugh instantly for more than a minute & on that day, whenever you remember the same you laugh every time for a minute……. Stress level 25% &
  4. If you read a joke, understand the same, laugh instantly or more than a minute & every time you remember the same, you told this joke to your friend and make him laugh…. Stress level 0%...

Remember stress level will never be 50%, eighter you are stressed or not stressed.

Methods of reducing the stress

1. To know that I am in some stress is the first step, the rest steps to reduce the stress are automatically taken by the mind & body take the remedial measures to reduce the same.

2. Now we know that we have some stress, look for the stress triggered objects like, place, situation, person,

3. Work on the objects of stress found out, and you will get the required solution. If you are moving les due to stress, your mind ask body to go out have tea & come back.


4. The Yoga Techniques of Aware, Observe, Know, Regulate, Manage, Control with efforts, & Control effortless.

5. Recreation plays vital role in reducing stress, do not postpone a movie, lunch, dinner even pani puri enjoy them at regular time as earlier. You can change anything in stress but not recreation.

6. Speak more with friends, do not think they don't have time on due date, they also feel & think like you only.

7. Nothing is 100% perfect in life, do not expect 100% perfect work completion, even the dept does not know 100%.

8. Expect internet snag, schema change, PC hang, printer cartage empty, missing papers, checking missed, last movement clarification required. These are the stress triggered objects for the CA Professional like us.

9. Do not do for others, even the professional work we do, do same for the development of the self. Think as, I am filing the return for my professional satisfaction.

10. Feel good, after each event of segment is done successfully. Filed two returns that's, nice. enjoy relaxed & proceed. This will give you energy gap which also helps in reducing the work life stress.

CA.Professional be sure in your mind some assumptions which will reduce a practice stress

1Do not try to take care of your client more than he himself.

2. Do not attached, with client in any way, emotionally or otherwise, remember he will be with you till it is beneficial to him.

3. Make a list of paid & unpaid services provided p.a. to each one of them and reduce the gap progressively.

4. It is better, be happy to lose the client, a more lucrative will arrive to fill the gap. Let them go at their wish & you can also ask him to go by giving the reason, that how leavening you is beneficial to him.

5. Do not assume that your staff will work exactly as you, accept the various way of working, many times all reach to the same conclusion.

6. Be selective, in choosing the client and the work, leave the work which you are doing every three years.

7. If you are always busy in existing work, you will not be able to see the incoming good assignment.

8. Do not fear, carryout all the assignments with confidence, remember if nothing happens you in the last five years, there is no chance it will happen in the sixth year.

9. Do not hesitate, to discuss the routine problems with your friends, though they look very basic, like how to correct the GST Registration form, or connect the PAN with Aadhar.

10. Remember, Work will only come when you are idle. Investment will only be possible when you have no savings. It is the confidence that works more than these things.

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