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In any field Business/practice or even in personal life Our Commitment and Honesty matters a lot in our success.

I had a instance few days back. Few days back I was travelling to Shimla with my friends while we boarded at Shimla my friends suggested me to stay one hotel. Around 3 years back I stayed in the same hotel with a different friend circle and I had a sour experience over their commitment and their service so we just cancelled that hotel.

A lot of such instances are often done by us knowingly or by mistake in practice and we also face the same result.

Well said by someone in this matter:-

Sow a thought, and you will reap an act;

Sow an act, and you will reap a habit;

Sow a habit, and you will reap a character;

Sow a character, and you will reap a destiny.


Slowly and slowly when excuses becomes habit and habit becomes a character and character as our Destiny. We even don't realize and when we do it becomes too late to rectify.

To be successful we need to win the trust. It's not easy to do so but its highly rewarding.

Whenever we lose a customer due to our uncommitted service the loss we bear doesn't end to that customer only, it is the loss of our IMAGE in the professional society / loss of a no. of customers that would have been referred by him if we would have delivered good.

When I joined my Cost Accountancy Course, I was taking the classes of IDT from one of my respective teacher. He is good in his career. I still remember his wordings.

The maximum popularity one can get only by mouth to mouth publicity but for getting this free/effective/fast publicity we need to be committed/honest to our profession and the day you get it,  it becomes even harder to maintain this.

All these instances were rewind in front of my eyes when I refused to stay in that Hotel in Shimla.

Hope we all can understand its importance before it becomes our Habit and Habit our Character.


Rahul Jain

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Rahul Jain
(Rahul Jain & Associates. (Cost Accountants))
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