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So guys I am back with a bang and firstly I would like to thank all of you for encouraging me so much with your mind-blowing comments on my first article DEPRESSION...JUST FORGET IT. It has inspired to bring before you all another stress buster write up.


This is a concept given by Jain Munishree Chandraprabh. It is called SMILING MEDITATION. Here I present it to you.


Smiling is a simple tonic. We neither have to spend money to get smile nor does it have some monetary value. Whenever you are tensed, depressed or frustrated just try this.


Sit alone and in a silent place for a while. Relax your body fully from head to toe. Just feel your normal breathing process. Feel each and every breath of yours. Smile as you breathe in smile as you breathe out. Concentrate on your smile and smile while you concentrate. Smiles give a positive energy. Smiling gives a massage to your mind and soul.


Smiling increases your immunity (rog pratirodhak kshamta), makes blood pressure normal, and also decreases anger and frustration.


When you smile your neighbour smiles all smile. All families smile so in turn the society smiles. This smiley environment makes a tension free, healthy and a happy family which in turn makes a strong community and makes India a better place to live.


Concluding, I say to you all-ek muskan=sau pakwan. So keep leave a comment. Thanks for reading 



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