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Now the procedure for filing DIN 4 has been simplified and completely computerized no document is required to be send to the DIN cell at Noida. Only to file form and this form is required to be certified by the Practicing professional only. No fee is required to be paid in this regard.

The detailed procedure is as under:-

Procedure to file form DIN -4


  1. Download form DIN 4 from the portal of MCA.
  2. Enter DIN number wherein particulars are to be changed
  3. Select Type of Change
  4. Enter required change detail
  5. Attach passport size photograph of the director in jpeg format.
  6. Enter mobile number and e mail id.
  7. Attach proof of change
  8. Attach declaration in Annexure 2
  9. Get is signed by the practicing professional. (This form is to be signed by practicing professional only).
  1. Upload it on the portal.
  2. No fee is required to be paid in this regard.

With form DIN-4 a declaration in Annexure 2 is required to be attached the format is as under:- 


Verification of applicant in case of Form DIN-4


I, ……………………. (name of the applicant), son / daughter* of ………………………. (Applicant’s father’s name), born on ………………. (date of birth), resident of ……………………………………………………………. (present residential address of the applicant) hereby confirm and verify that the particulars given in the form DIN-4 are true and correct and also are in agreement with the documents being attached to the Form DIN-4.


I have applied for change* of:-


(a) Applicant Name (along with proof and in case of change of name a copy of    

     Notification published in the Gazette)

(b) Nationality (Along with proof)

(c) Date of Birth (along with proof and in case of change in the date of birth, copy of  

      Notification published in the Gazette)

(d)Income Tax Permanent Account Number (Along with proof)

(e) Voters Identity Card Number (along with proof).

(f) Passport Number (along with proof)

(g) Driving License number  (along with proof)

(h) Permanent residential address (along with proof)

(i) Present residential address (along with proof)


I further confirm that:_


(i) The photograph and documents being attached to the Form DIN 4 belongs to me. I further confirm that all required documents have been duly issued by the respective government authority and are being attached to the Form DIN -4 and


(ii) I am not restrained/ disqualify / removed of , for being appointed as director of a company under the provisions of Companies Act including Section 203, 274, 284 and 388(E) of the said Act and


(iii) I have not been declared as proclaimed offender by any Economic Offence Court or Judicial Magistrate Court or High Court or any other Court and


(iv) I have no any other allotted Director Identification Number (DIN) other that IDN in which changes are intimated under section 266B of the Companies Act.


* Note: Strike out whichever is not applicable.



Name:- ………………….

The changes will be made in hours, earlier it takes around 1 week time. In this way not only the procedure is simplified but the time taken has also reduced.


Published by

CS Ankur Srivastava
(Company Secretary & Compliance Officer)
Category Corporate Law   Report

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