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Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do it. You got a dream, you got to protect it!Pursuit of Happiness

I have lived by these lines from the movie all through when I was doing my CA. This little quote gave me the inspiration to go on.

Being a Chartered Accountant was never my first preference. It just happened. I wanted to do an MBA from a premier school. Well, call it my father’s dream.. But however it happened, I am grateful to God for whatever I am today.

The journey of CA was very tough for me. When I cleared my entry level of CA in the first attempt, I thought it would be a cake walk as I had a ‘shining’ history in school academics. All my over-confidence crashed when I failed my exams of PE-II (now called IPCC). Did I give my 100% was the question? I realised that CA has nothing to do with what I did in the past as a school/ college student.  It is all about dedication and your will power to overcome weaknesses.

I made up timetables, followed them ardently, did less of social activity and kept a lot of peace of mind. Also, having one definite goal higher than being a CA helped. For me, being a CA was only a stepping stone! After learning from my mistakes in PE-II, I sailed through Final in the first attempt which was quite a relief for me. I felt I finally got out of the “chakravyuh”.

For students who are confused and want to take up other courses as only a recourse assuming CA would be tough and unachievable for you, WAIT! CA is not unachievable. It needs patience, hard work and a little bit of luck. After that, you don’t have to look back… Ever! :) 

The CA course is structured to give you everything - theoretical training on every finance/ commerce subject you can think of, three year of practical experience with a CA himself and a communication skills programme which is fun filled and exhilarating! After all the roller coaster experience, it is your choice what you choose… financial management, taxation, audit, consultancy, information technology… Your career, you decide!!

Like we said at Cavach.. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”.. I will stand by it as a mentor and tell you that the fruit is indeed sweet. The merits don’t finish at the knowledge that you gain during the course, but the person it makes you at the end of the journey.. Strong, composed, confident and determined to achieve!

My special message to girls is that this profession would give you immense respect and recognition. It is an investment for a lifetime.

So decide wisely! All the best..           

CA  Aditi Bhardwaj
Principal mentor at Cavach Academy


Published by

Aditi Bhardwaj
(Practising Chartered Accountant & Mentor for CA students)
Category Career   Report

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