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With the rapid advancements in technology, the whole world has become a global village. Going digital saves all of us a lot of time and cost. Many processes and tasks that form a part of our daily life and earlier required manual intervention have now become hassle-free. Let’s understand how the system of export business has changed since export plays a very critical element for the growth of our country!

What is SEZ online?

SEZ online is one of the several initiatives taken by the government to reduce physical interaction, to reduce paper, to bring in transparency in the system, and to improve export-oriented business inside the SEZ using modern technology.

In other words, it is a total integrated solution for the administration of SEZ to make fast processing of various transactions and payment through the electronic fund transfer of SEZ.

This online facility will ensure that the interaction with the office of DC will be online and the users will receive online alerts which will be helpful to resolve the issues in a short period.

It will enable online submission and processing of all applications and claims processed under the SEZ Act.

So, the Government of India (GOI) has taken a good step to simplify the administrative and legal infrastructure to promote export-oriented business out of the SEZ.

Benefits of SEZ Online

• SEZ online will work for both imports and exports, which will reduce the cost and time.

• It is a web-based application that will enable users to carry out various functions using the internet.

• This system will enable electronic filing, processing and monitoring of various tax and duties-related transactions during the import and export from SEZs.

• Compliance procedures like submission of Quarterly/Annual Performance Reports etc. will be online and quite simple which will reduce the need for multiple clarifications with the office of DC.

• Most of the clearances required including the application for establishing units, claims will be now available online.

• This online facility will ensure that all the interaction with the office of DC will now be online. And it will also keep the record of all the interactions which you had with the DC's office.

• SEZ Online will provide aggregate information across all SEZs which will act as a Decision Support System for Policy formulation.

• SEZ Online provides a quick and convenient log-in process. If you have forgotten log-in details, you can easily reset the details online.

All about SEZ Online

How to register the New Unit through SEZ Online

Step I: Creation of user Id on SEZ online

• You have to first register yourself as a user of the platform to get a user id and password to access the system. For registration, enter a few basic details and submit the New Unit registration form online.

• Every application submitted through the system shall be given a unique identification no. which may be used to track the status of the application.

• All the applications submitted and processed online through the system shall be digitally signed using a Digital signature certificate (DSC) for security reasons.

SEZ Online

The compliance in usage of the system by the SEZ units, developers and co-developers increased to 70 per cent as said by Mr Sundaram, Development Commissioner of the MEPZ SEZ.


Step II: Submit the application for setting up a new unit

• After registration on SEZ online application, log on to the system.

• Fill an online proposal for setting up a unit in SEZ in prescribed 'Form F'.

• On submission of Form F online, the system will provide you with a unique request-id. After that, you can not make any changes.

• You can check the status of the application by using the login details and reply to any queries if raised by DC.


Step III: Make a payment required

• Submit a print of Form F to DC's office along with necessary supporting documents in physical form and application fees. Payment of new unit application fees to DC will be done outside the SEZ Online system.

• You have to pay for registration, an amount of Rs. 35,000 which includes the following:

One time Registration charge of Rs. 25,000
Annual system usage charges of Rs. 10,000

• After the application is approved, you will receive a notification through email id about the same. You can also view the same after logon to the system using user id and password.

Instructions while making payment

NEFT payment is the most preferred and quickest form of making payments. So, try to make payment through NEFT.

• In case you have made a payment by cheque/DD, a credit will be provided only on the basis of realization of the amount in NDML Bank account.

• Do not make any payment by CASH. NDML will not be able to give credit against cash deposits in the bank.

• After making payment, ensure to make a payment entry in the system. Also, quote the transaction ID in all communication.

• Estimate your usage and ensure that you have sufficient balance in the fee deposit with NDML to meet your requirement. You can also define an alert level for you and the system will send an email alert if the fee deposit with NDML reaches such level.


From where can I access the SEZ Online System?

SEZ Online System is a centralized web-based system for all SEZs in the country and can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. The web address for the SEZ Online system is

How secure are my requests/transactions on SEZ Online System?

SEZ Online is a secure information processing system based on the various levels of authorization and authentication for allowing access to information as well as technical features used to ensure safety.

All transactions and applications are Digitally Signed by the authorised user using DSC. All data transmission between the website and the client browser is encrypted. Best known security policies and practices are adopted to ensure system security.

Strong Password Management policy including password complexity structure, password expiry, password history etc. is implemented.

What is LOA reference No.?

LOA reference No. is a reference number of Letter of Approval issued by the DC Office to the Unit. This field will accept only numeric data. E.g. If the LOA number is DJ/SEEPZ/2008- 09/91, the user is required to capture 91 as the LOA reference number.

Does Creation of user ID mean registration is complete?

No, creation of user ID is just the first step for proceeding with registration. On creation of a user ID, you need to update the registration details and submit the application to the DC office for approval.

After considering the application, DC will approve the application if he deems fit. You should check the status of your application regularly as the DC Office might raise certain queries which need to be replied to at your end. You will also receive an auto-generated email when a discrepancy is raised or the registration request is approved by the DC office.

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