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Self-Rejection: What it is and How to Overcome It?

Aarti Maurya , Last updated: 01 March 2022  

There are many things in life that we can't control. We cannot control external environment but our internal environment can be controlled by us. Internal environment here refers to the thought process of your mind. We certainly try to control them but fail because the external environment always forces us to think negative and worthless.

It is hard to deal with external resistance and negative opinions of others, but a different kind of challenge arises when this comes from within.

Self-rejection starts in your mind and is one of the worst types of rejection. It can keep you away from your goals and dreams. It can distance you from an advantageous outcome.

When you reject yourself, you tell yourself ‘no' because you don't believe yourself. It's a different thing to hear these types of words from others, but it's completely different when the same words come from your own mouth or those thoughts run through your own inner conscious mind.

Self-Rejection: What it is and How to Overcome It

When you reject yourself, no one is there to defend you.

Self-rejection creates a lack of confidence.

Due to this, we avoid to create opportunities. We don't go to events that could expand our network. We stop doing things that can make us happy. We try to hide ourselves and our thoughts from others.


On an extreme level, it can also cause suicidal thoughts. Sometimes a person who is trapped in a cycle of self-rejection may overwork or try to live up to the expectations of others, to seek validation and forget who they are.

When you don't see any quality or worth in yourself, you start to seek others' validation or what others see in you?

You keep telling yourself they will find someone better than you whether it's a friend, a family member or a job. Even if someone else is loving you, if you are rejecting yourself, you will not feel loved and worthy.

Self-rejection is a topic that you have to deal with. If you are constantly comparing yourself to others it will create toxicity in your mind. When you learn to love yourself rather than reject yourself, you can truly share the love with others.

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