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The three ingredients namely, style of preparation, interpretation and personal philosophy greatly influence our studies as well as career. Our deep-routed characteristics constitute strength at one time and weakness at the other as ‘no man is wise at all hours’.

Style of preparation: Every person has unique process of dealing with an assessment. Such process is the propensity to do things at will and indicates a great freedom of the individual whether it is wise or folly.

Interpretation: Professional success constitutes advance learning of their discipline and its right interpretation. Deciphering what is being communicated in the books is very important, since every book ought to be read with the same spirit and in the same manner as it is written.

Personal philosophy: The way we see things is our personal philosophy. It depends upon the upbringing from childhood days, social milieu, physical fitness, pedagogy he subjected to, economic conditions etc. If any of these factors become different, the personal philosophy also changes. Though we may be good at many of these factors, most of the times we are hasty to see things in a disadvantageous light. We all love at using our hunches rather than believing in our self and our capabilities.

In our biography, we interact with many people and notices a few of them as highly erudite, well mannered, sagacious, healthy, prompt, affable, extempore, patient listener with great skill and competence in their own profession. Infact, such people of high quality are the epitome of the profession and are the exemplars.

The following are the steps to improve professionalism:

Step 1: Discard your natural tendencies. Every person has a predisposition to behave in a specific manner. Attitudes and innate abilities make person to have an inclination to behave in his own way. If our personal features are unprofessional, may hamper our personal as well as professional growth. The unlearning process of these unprofessional traits starts with the learning of right things. If we adopt the best methods and techniques to our person in the right direction at the right course of time, gives better results to us as well to the world at large;

Step 2: Attendyour thoughts. The thought in the mind has made us. Yes, a man's mind may be compared to a piece of land, which may be intelligently raised or leave like an unattended garden, growing wild;

Step 3: Be aware of the fact that you are young. Young people can lose their self-control without any outside help. You will be safest if you maintain a healthy fear. It is too often, worms or disease ruin flowers before they blossom, and young flowers are the most vulnerable.Who those worms are and what those diseases are, to be left to the discretion of the reader;

Step 4: Be friendly but not too friendly. Don’t get caught in any fights or arguments, but once you are involved, make sure that those you are facing respect you;

Step 5: Hear every man’s opinions, but keep your own judgements to yourself;

Step 6: Neither borrow money nor lend it, because lending money to a friend usually results in the loss of the money and the friend, while borrowing makes people reckless with money. You should be appeared serene and tranquil while facing your patronage. Your clients lose the confidence in you, if the trouble troubles yourself;

Step 7: Be true to yourself, which carries with it the natural result that you then won’t be false to anybody else;

Step 8: Clothes make a man. Buy the most elegant clothes that you can afford, but buy clothes that are high-end, not gaudy; and

Step 9: Finally take an oath “I will wipe clean my memory of all unimportant facts, images and impressions so that the professional commandment alone will live there”.


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