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There were three friends named Narendra, Neeladri and Suryakant; they pass out from SSLC and join a commerce college for Pre University Education.

All three were very good and close friends. They had an aim of pursuing a higher course in commerce and to get a high profile job.

When it’s about their intelligence at studies they were above average. Well, “above average” does not provide a clear meaning nowadays, as the “numerical value” of percentage speaks a lot, in fact, shouts! They scored around 80% to 85%. Hmmm… now we know something of their intelligence at studies!

Of the three, when we see deeper, Neeladri was the better and also managed to scored 84.5% in SSLC, whereas Suryakant scored 82.08% and Narendra, the highly tensed of the three got 79.68%.

Narendra was a tension freak boy when it came to studies. Although he saw a very intellectual student, he failed at getting the optimum knowledge out of studies due to lack of proper guidance and care. He’s from a lower middle class family.

Neeladri was a disciplined and well inclined towards his studies ever since his childhood days. Now we ask – why just 84.5%? Because, he was very poor economically and had too much work related to his home, which took away a lot of time daily.

Suryakant was the best in sports such as running, football, etc. in his school. Both his friends admired and adored him for his feats. Suryakant was a boy who always cracked jokes and used to be in a fun-mood 24*7. He was also from a middle class family. He studied most in class teaching.

Now, as we know Neeladri’s specialty is his discipline towards studies; Suryakant is the best in sports and also good at studies, then lets see what is Narendra special for.

Well, Gardner used to real moral stories, read the sayings of great saints and had a great ‘Sankalpa’  - the power of positive attitude. He always said good things in order to motivate others. His best quality is his silence and a sound mind. Both his friends respected him the most and always were aware not to make fun of him. But, even though, Gardner would forgive and laugh out at such jokes made by his friends.

They got result and took admission into a commerce college. During the holidays, whenever they met, they discussed about the toppers of SSLC and PUC@ which they read in newspapers and magazines.

No doubt, all three dreamt of being a PUC@ topper, but none revealed their dream. Together they put a goal of improving themselves in studies and aimed at getting the best of knowledge they get.

Alas! Suryakant left his sports activities. But surprisingly, he didn’t leave his daily yoga and running in morning.

They assigned a target for PUC1 for themselves. Neeladri targeted at scoring 93% and Suryakant aimed at 95%. But, Gardner didn’t assign a target for himself; his friends didn’t question him for that.

The extra ordinary quality of the three was they never attended tuition classes; believed in self-study and combined study; always consulted their teacher whenever in doubt.

As days rolled be in their college life, they struggled to cope up with their studies and their target except Narendra. Because, he had a positive attitude and never let himself down on hope.

The confidence and the hope of Neeladri and Suryakant broke when they knew their PUC1 result i.e. 73% and 69% respectively. To the surprise of the two, Narendra was still near his SSLC result, 80%.

The problem all three had in studies was the method and logic in their method of study. Well, the problem and solution to it was found by none other than Narendra. He examined that they must concentrate on the knowledge in the books and not only on the marks. He understood the need to improve their English and English Grammar knowledge. They put new goals for themselves and started working hard towards achieving them.

During summer vacation, all three attended grammar classes and read those topics of PUC1 which they didn’t understand. Narendra, by the time their PUC2 course began, had built back his friends’ confidence to a new higher level!

Even this time, Narendra didn’t have a target for PUC2 but Neeladri and Suryakant put their target at 90%. They reduced their target. To this, Narendra was thoughtful enough and told them to let their target be 95% because a higher target would compel them to work harder and its no disgrace if they don’t reach it as much as they are improving.

Overall, their main aim was to acquire all the best of knowledge in PUC2 which will help them in their life’s aim.

They had learnt that the main thing which hindered their studies and result in PUC1 was the fear factor. They were feared at the sight of size of books, how to study, all new atmosphere, etc.

This time their weird target was to make this FEAR factor feared of them.

All three learned from each other. Neeladri taught how to be disciplined and regular at studies. Suryakant helped his friends by teaching them yoga and keeping themselves fit. Narendra, as of now, had already taught a lot to his friends and it was time for him to study and learn from them.

For their PUC2, they planned well, studied well and never bothered much about their percentage.

They followed the A.L.R. rule:

1. Attend and be attentive in class.

2. Listen carefully.

3. Revise daily and regularly.

Now they were on the right path. They were on and in-line with their plans, worked hard, got the optimum of the knowledge regarding their subjects and had a slogan in their mind always,

“Knowledge is Power; Health is Wealth.”

They gave their best shot at the PUC@ board exams and it was time for their result.

I think the results bother neither them nor us because these three have learnt what was most important and that itself is their greatest reward!

PAINS = Positive Attitude In Negative Situations

By Manjunath M. Panchaxarimath

Published by

Manjunath M Panchaxarimath
(CA Student)
Category Students   Report

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