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Rajasthan Budget 2024: A Detailed Breakdown

CA Aman Rajput , Last updated: 09 February 2024  

The Rajasthan Budget 2024, presented by Diya Kumari, marks the Bhajan Lal government's first budget in 22 years. It unveils several significant announcements impacting various sectors, aiming to improve the lives of citizens and bolster the state's economy.

It was announced on 8th of February 2024! Here's a deeper dive into some key highlights:

Agriculture Sector

  • Kisan Samman Nidhi increased to ₹8,000: This scheme provides direct financial assistance to the farmers of Rajasthan
  • Free electricity up to 300 units: Helps reduce electricity costs for farmers and poor citizens of state
  • Mandi tax exemption on sugar and jaggery: Boosts income for sugarcane farmers
  • Gopalak Credit Card: Offers interest-free loans up to ₹1 lakh for dairy farmers
Rajasthan Budget 2024: A Detailed Breakdown

Education Sector

  • Free education from KG to PG for poor children: Improves access to education for underprivileged students.

Women & Elderly People

  • Ladli Suraksha Yojana: Strengthens women's safety through various measures.
  • Increased pension for women and elderly: Provides financial security for vulnerable groups.
  • Cyber help desks and women help desks in police stations: Enhances support for women facing issues.

Infrastructure & Development

  • Jaipur Metro expansion: Facilitates improved urban transportation.
  • Funds allocated for medical colleges and infrastructure projects: Boosts healthcare access and connectivity.
  • Highway ambulances: Ensures timely medical attention in remote areas.
  • Mission Olympics 2028: Establishes a Center of Sports Excellence to train promising athletes.

Other Initiatives

  • 1000 crore allocation for deprived areas: Aids development in marginalized communities.
  • Solar plants in 5 lakh houses: Promotes renewable energy and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Amnesty Scheme for outstanding VAT cases: Encourages businesses to settle dues and improve revenue collection.
  • Economic Revival Task Force: Focuses on reviving the state's economy.
  • Anti Roma Squads in every district: Combats crimes against nomadic communities.
  • Lado Incentive Scheme and Chief Minister Vishwakarma Pension Scheme: Support for girl children and artisans.


The Rajasthan Budget 2024 addresses vital concerns across various sectors. It aims to empower farmers, women, and the elderly, while driving economic growth and infrastructure development. The focus on education, healthcare, and renewable energy underlines the commitment to building a sustainable and prosperous future for the state.

Now what I am expecting from my readers?

Do you remember Ashok Gehlot launched Mission 2030 in Rajasthan? Will the current CM be able to meet those promises made by him? Do comment down below!

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