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All over the globe, now every person is just panicked about the COVID-19, so amongst the CA students also the constant question that is running in their mind is will the CA exams be postponed or not? Students are unable to focus on studies.

Let's quickly discuss how we should tackle this :

 Most of the people around us thave work from home, most of them have holidays and while few of them are figuring out how to spend the "Quarantine Time", we CA students are lucky enough to get more of this time to "Work for our career" and "Work for ourselves"

I understand to studying long for 14-16 hours is completely impossible in the distracting environment where there is a constant flow of Panic news of COVID -19. Still, we can make "Study Slots" to study better. Even though we manage for 6hrs - 9hrs a day we can still be in "Win-Win" rather than wasting this precious time. The best time to study would be late at night or early in the morning depending upon the habit of a student.

Many students are away from home with limited access to resources but those who are in their own house, do not waste time, instead make most of it :

Quarantine : Make the most of it
  1. Plan out the slots where you can study well with no distractions and no social media interaction and then also reward yourself in between breaks.
  2. It's time to pursue your hobby. Do drawing, painting, crafting, reading or anything which you love the most with the music which gets added on as a good therapy for your mind and also  do some exercises and meditation to keep healthy
  3. Don't take the studies as a burden for you, with a thought in the mind everyone is just enjoying their time with movies, web series, games, etc and here I have to complete my study either balance both your studies as well as break time so you don't get bored more often. Consider the preparations of your exams as if you're soon going to be paid with a tag of "CA" or "CA finalist"
  4. Make your studies interesting as well, make short notes, elaborate an answer which you find more difficult by drawing characters, linking it funnily or making charts or create your own MT!, or start recording your video lecture explaining a concept share with your friends also (you never know there might be a hidden talent in you) or record the voice clips.
  5. Don't be in the "Postponement of exams Zone", to much by way of social media that keeps you more worried all the time, just don't worry about it even though it gets postponed to May last week of June 1st week still we got 2 months only for the preparation and not more than that!
  6. Now it's a good time to overview the MCQs released by ICAI in the new study material. Practice more and more of MCQs, make the most of this time and test your knowledge or you can also try different applications available on play store to solve MCQs and challenge your friends as well who score the best!
  7. Video lectures are to your rescue to tackle off the boredom of studying alone, make the maximum use of it.
  8. Make the most use of social media, create a group of those who are preparing for the exams, set out the targets to complete a chapter or a subject. Create a competitive environment amongst the group so that you constantly boost up yourself to achieve more and also help each other to study well by sharing the strategies amongst themselves.
  9. Do those things which have got skipped by your last attempt, try writing an answer on your own, attempt a test series or something that makes you an Exemption ready and closer to "CA".
  10. Spread the Positive Vibes only: There are many students out there creating a mess, spreading the negativity via fake news, just ignore that we need to just focus on our "Career" and fight with the time. Time will soon fly, coronavirus will also go but exams are is around the corner and it is going to be conducted anyhow ask yourself "If not now, then when" start preparing for it.

Keep taking the motivation dose daily!

Remember the only person who is stopping you to achieve the goals is "You".It's just a You v/s You competition, You have got enough time for it, If you want it, go get it and make it happen. This not something which is going to fall over your lap and oh my gosh that was so easy!

It is always going to be difficult and good things take some time and a good amount of effort. At the end of the day, only one thing will prevail "Either excuses or Results".

Remember! Excuses are not valid they are conjured up, they are fabricated they are lies and you have to stop the lies with the truth and truth is "You have time". You have time to win the race with your dedication, determination, mindpower.


Keep all your distractions aside, I know it's very difficult, but plan out your day balance your studies be quite disciplined at least. Hard work will get paid off with CA "Your Name" 

Spread the positiveness only and stay calm amid chaos.


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