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Supreme Court's Hearing on Opt-Out Option by ICAI

A PIL was filed by Advocate Alakh Alok Srivastav seeking to put stay-on the "Opt-Out" Scheme by ICAI, calling the scheme as discriminatory. The PIL filed by the advocate on behalf of India Wide Parents Association also seeks more Exam Centres and more precautions from coronavirus. The first hearing of the PIL was held on the 26th of June, 2020 led by a two-judge virtual bench- HON'BLE MR. ..

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Cut-off date to convert from old to revised scheme is 1st August for Nov,2020 exams announces ICAI

Board of Studies The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 27th July, 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT Cut-off date for conversion from Earlier Scheme to Revised Scheme to appear in November, 2020 Intermediate Examinations - 1st August, 2020 Students who are wishing to convert themselves from Earlier Scheme to Revised Scheme of Educatio..

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ICAI issues FAQs on Provisional Admission to CA Foundation Course

Frequently Asked Questions: Provisional Admission to Foundation Course Q1: I am a class 12 student and was supposed to appear for 12th examination conducted by State Board. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBSE /ICSE/State Board suspended the exams and therefore, I could not sit in any of the papers of class 12th examinations for the time being. Can I register for the Foundation course? Ans 1: Candidate who could not appear in any..

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ICAI announces Nov 2020 CA Exams time table

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT No. 13-CA (EXAM)/N/2020: In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to announce that the next Chartered Accountants Foundation Course {Under New Scheme}, Intermediate (IPC) {Under Old Scheme}, Intermediate {Under New Scheme} and Final {Under Old & New Scheme} Examinations will be held on the dates given below at the following places provided that ..

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ICAI cancels May 2020 CA Exams

Examination Department The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 3rd July, 2020 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT 1. The students are aware that vide Announcement dated 15th June 2020, the Institute, after taking in account the academic interests and health safeguards of students intending to appear in May 2020 Examinations, had enabled them to change their ce..

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ICAI extends last date for registration in CA Foundation to 31st August

Board of Studies The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 1st July, 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT Extension of time period for registration in Foundation Course from 30th June, 2020 to 31st August, 2020 for appearing in Foundation Examination to be held in November, 2020 The Council of the ICAI has relaxed the eligibility criter..

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Respect our mother body, ICAI

Greetings to all my fellow CA aspirants. I hope everyone is safe in their places. I'm not here to give any suggestions, exam tips, and not even study planner. I just felt to share something which I come across for the past 10 days. I have seen many articles related to preparation for exams at this pandemic situation and many controversial reviews for ICAI's announcement regarding th..

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Dealing with Failure

I would like to start the article by sharing my personal story. I am not new to the failure; I've failed in so many aspects so far in life that failure would definitely outweigh successes. I had failed in examinations, failed in romance, failed in relationships, failed in starting businesses, failed in persuading parents, failed in grabbing some opportunities that could really boost my career, failed in recognizing who are my true friends and who are superficial, and so on. Few years back..

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All New Review Mechanism for CA Firms

Non-CA Student: Hey, How do you feel about your profession? CA Student:* After thinking for few mins* Ah! Not that great. This has become a reply which most students would give (Or worse). There are ‘n' number of reasons CA students are not happy with their profession, to be frank disappointed. However, one of the main reason could be ‘lack of care/concern' from our institute ICAI. In audit(Subject),..

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A Case for Cancellation of CA Exams, July 2020

The CA exams of July 2020 are turning to be extremely dramatic and nerve wrecking. Initially the ICAI had given only 3 days to decide whether to opt out or not but then at midnight of third day, it extended such time by 7 days and then again by 3 days on 26th June. The above chronology seriously questions the decision making skills of this professional body and crosses limits of nearsighted decision making. Or as alleged, perhaps all of this may be a tactic of mentally torturing a..

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Opt-Out Option further extended to 30th June by ICAI

Examination Department The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 26th June, 2020 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT In continuation to Important Announcement dated 21st June 2020, in which students (who had already submitted online examination application for May 2020 Examination cycle) were given an option to decide at their own will and “Op..

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ICAI Exam Study Material and Strategy to prepare for Nov 20 CA Exams

Study Material and Strategy to prepare for November 2020 CA Exams Due to the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, regular life has come to a halt. The global pandemic not only had adverse economical and health effects on the people, but it has also brought in the clouds of uncertainties in our lives. Keeping in mind the exponential rise in the number of cases with every passing day it is difficult to say when life will get back to normal. Dealing with uncertainties ..

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