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ca exams

Analogical Thinking: A powerful tool to understand complex concepts

Preparing for the CA exam can be a daunting task, and it often requires a combination of memorization, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills. One way to enhance your understanding and retention of complex concepts is by using analogy thinking. Analogy thinking is the process of drawing comparisons between two things that are seemingly unrelated. By using analogies, you can simplify complex concepts, make them more relatable, and enhance your understanding of the subject matter. I..

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ICAI releases Mock Test Papers Series I for CA May 2023 Exams

ANNOUNCEMENT Mock Test Papers Series - I for CA Final & Intermediate May 2023 Examinations The Board of Studies (A) is commencing Mock Test Papers Series - I from March 13th 2023 for students appearing for CA Final & Intermediate May 2023 examinations. The Mock Test Paper Series - I will be conducted in physical/virtual mode(s). Students interested in physical mode may approach the respective branches in their area.   The schedule for the same is as follows: ..

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ICAI releases Applicable Study Material for May / June 2023 CA Exams

APPLICABLE STUDY MATERIAL FOR MAY/ JUNE 2023 EXAMS FOUNDATION, INTERMEDIATE AND FINAL COURSE FOUNDATION COURSE - Applicable material for May/ June 2023 Exams   Subjects Edition Month & Year Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting (Module 1 and Module II) September, 2021 Paper 2: Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting Section A: Business Law Se..

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The effective way to study for CA Exam

Pursuing the toughest course in India, the CA course is not easy but not so difficult to clear. If your current method of study is not helpful, then you must change the method of study to clear the CA exam. An effective strategy for your exam is essential, working with the right study material and study techniques not only helps you clear CA exams but also develops you as a problem solver in your life. "If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, but never the goal" &nbs..

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How to avoid Failure in CA Exams?

Failure is a term that a Chartered Accountant student has to face multiple times in his/her journey, so today we will be discussing how to avoid and overcome failures? 1. One of the most important thing that is going to help you succeed in this entire journey is proper planning, if you fails to plan ,you plan to fail. You must have a proper timetable about how much time you will devote for self study and how much for coaching.   2. Do writing practice, writing practice will be help..

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Success story of a CA who broke many barriers to clear CA exams

I am CA Arag Daga. I cleared my CA Finals in Nov 2020 in first attempt. I would like to share my journey From Arag Daga to CA Arag Daga to motivate all of the future Chartereds in this country. The CA journey has been a fascinating and a challenging one. The level of challenges increased as the course started to show its difficulty. From this story i want other to take two things, first, always have a mentor who you can look to and help you throughout your journey, second, to convey the messa..

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Tips by All India Rank Holders to ace in CA Exams

Every attempt is a fresh attempt for CA students. There are small practices that go unnoticed; these small practices help in overcoming bigger hurdles easily. Here are a few tips from the All India Rank Holders who have practiced this diligently and gained success. 1. Attempting for 100 marks It is advised that CA papers should be attempted for full marks. Answer to all questions is necessary to secure a pass mark in the exam.   2. Appropriate Numbering of the questions Writ..

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ICAI releases schedule for CA Foundation Dec 2022 Exams

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT No. 13-CA (EXAM)/December/2022: In pursuance of Regulation 22 of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is pleased to announce that the next Chartered Accountants Foundation Examination will be held on the dates and places which are given below provided that sufficient number of candidates offer themselves to appear from each of the below mentioned places.   FOUNDATION COURSE EXAMINATION [A..

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Last date for submission CA exam forms extended to 7th September

Examination Department The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 31st August, 2022 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT SUBMISSION OF ONLINE EXAMINATION APPLICATION FORMS FOR CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS EXAMINATIONS, NOVEMBER 2022.   This announcement is in continuation of the Institute’s announcement dated 14th July 2022 read with Corrigendum dated 20th July 2022 on the subject matter. The Institute for the first time has introduced system of filing of examination form on the Self..

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Vicious circle of attempts in CA exams

So you failed again. Is this your first attempt? Will you give try next time? I think you are not giving the required effort. These are a few questions and opinions that every student preparing for any competitive exam must have heard. Sometimes it's painful to see how your efforts are being judged by others because you couldn't clear your exams. Does this all matter? We sometimes find ourselves stuck in a loop of May and November exams and then end up being worried about our results...

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Rescheduled dates for CA Exams 2022 released which were postponed at Silchar (Assam)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT RESCHEDULED DATES FOR CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS EXAMINATION AT SILCHAR (ASSAM) EXAMINATION CENTER ONLY. Vide Important Announcement dated 19th and 21st May 2022, Final Examination, Group I, Paper(s) - 3 & 4 and another Intermediate Examination, Group I, Paper 3 which were scheduled from May 19th to 21st, 2022 got postponed. Now, the aforementioned examinations are to be held on the following rescheduled dates at the same venue and at the same timings i.e. 2 PM to ..

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How To Study Effectively For CA Exams

CA examinations are the golden standard for applicants seeking lucrative careers in the finance industry. After several months of education and training at CA coaching schools, a large number of students take the CA examination. However, the percentage of candidates who pass these examinations remains extremely low. The examinations are held twice a year, in May and November, and are conducted by the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), India's pinnacle accounting body. The..

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Mistakes I made during my CA Preparation

Some people learn through others' mistakes and some commit their own. Here I am sharing my mistakes so that you can learn from them. During my IPCC classes, I made a huge mistake by ignoring my health. The Irregular routine, bad eating habits and sitting all day with zero physical activity made my digestive system weak which resulted in low stamina which in turn increased the weakness.  Later, I suffered from diarrhoea which made my situation worse which led to no energy, not even..

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Dos and Donts for December 2021 CA Exam

Chartered Accountancy is one of the toughest and sought after professional courses in India. This course demands a lot of hard work, dedication and sincerity. Since the December 2021 CA Exams are fast approaching, here are some strategies to crack the exam. DO's Determination: A candidate with burning passion for the course aces the examination, should be determined wholeheartedly as the course demands a lot of determination, dedication and patience. Self belief: The key to suc..

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SC Dismisses Plea Seeking 'Opt Out' Option for December 2021 CA Exams

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is all set to conduct the December 2021 CA Exams for Final, Intermediate, and Foundation courses from 5th December 2021. However, a plea was filed in the Supreme Court seeking opt out option for symptomatic students without the compulsion of an RT-PCR test. On Monday, 29th November 2021, Supreme Court dismissed the plea and also said that the concerned authorities are free to make amendments later on.   Who Filed the Plea? What are the D..

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Guidelines for Exam Centres, Exam functionaries and Candidates for December 2021 CA Exams

Guidelines for Examination Centres, Examination functionaries and Candidates for December 2021 CA Examinations in wake of ongoing pandemic Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19). The Attachments here to cover 3 guidelines Guidelines for Examination Centres Guidelines for Centre Superintendents and Observers Guidelines for Candidates    GENERAL GUIDELINES ICAI is taking all possible measures for safe and secure conduct of CA Examinations scheduled to be held in December 2021..

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ICAI re-opens the online filling up of examination application forms for December 2021 CA Exams

Examination Department The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 7th October, 2021 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT RE-OPENING OF ONLINE FILLING UP OF EXAMINATION APPLICATION FORMS FOR CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS EXAMINATIONS, DECEMBER, 2021.   Considering the prevailing COVID-19 situation and in the interest of welfare & well-being of the students, to mitigate their hardship, it has been decided to re-open the online filling up of examination application form for Chartered Accountant..

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Clearing CA Exams / Overcoming failure (Unpopular Opinion)

Well, this is my first ever blog to be written on a public forum, so pardon me for my errors if any. "CA (Exam) results likely to be declared on ____ (date)" Many of you would be very well versed/well accustomed to this sentence. I am pretty sure it would send jitters down any CA students’ spine when he/she glances through this news article, maybe on Instagram post or any friend informing him/her or via any other means as maybe possible. For the first time (yes, I admit ..

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Download CA Final New Course Question Papers for May 2022 Exams

CA Final is one of the toughest exams to crack, but, with the right strategy, one can do it in the first attempt itself. One of the most common ways to practice and prepare yourself for the CA Final Exam is to solve the previous year question papers and measure your weaknesses effectively. Another advantage of solving the CA Final Question Papers is that it gives you a complete idea of how ICAI prepares its questions and what all can you implement in your understanding to score good marks and..

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ICAI cancels July 2021 CA Exams in Kathmandu, Nepal

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT In view of ongoing strict lockdown and accompanying restrictions in Nepal, it has been decided that July 2021 examinations for the Final [Old as well as New Scheme], Intermediate (IPC) and Intermediate scheduled from 5th to 20th July 2021 at all examination centres in Kathmandu (Nepal) only stands cancelled. It may be noted that for the students appearing from the examination centres of Kathmandu, July 2021 examinations will not be treated as an attempt. The students..

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