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Procrastination - A Reason or Excuse

N.Vimal Kumar Jain 
Updated on 07 April 2021


Hi Friends,

The CA, CS, and CMA Exam results were out quite some time back. I'd like to congratulate those who were able to clear the exams (attempts do not matter) and my best wishes for those who were unable to crack the exam. Success is will come to you for sure, keep working.

Well, this article is a special note from my pen. We all have been somewhere victims of procrastination or facing it in our day-to-day life. Procrastination has consumed us so much that we wish to see failures than going out and achieving our dreams.

Against this backdrop, I would like to share my thoughts on procrastination and how you can stop or overcome it. Here I bring to you Procrastination - A Reason or Excuse.

There is one thing you all say let 's start from TOMORROW.

What is making you delay? Are you too tired? Is it the pain or, is it the fear? Why every time you say not today, why every time?

Many people ask me how to get over procrastination. How can I stop these? what is the way out? Let me tell you.

There is no such thing called as procrastination. I can tell you if there is something IMPORTANT on the line, you will not be holding back.

If you cared about it, you would not procrastinate.

If you wish to go to parties or movies or sports or gaming, will you ever procrastinate? Or let say, will you ever procrastinate the usage of social networking? Like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Twitter? Will You procrastinate? No.

It 's not procrastination. You do not care enough. It either isn 't IMPORTANT ENOUGH , or you haven 't made it important enough. So, if you want to get this done, MAKE IT IMPORTANT ENOUGH.

If you had a reason to get it done, you would not procrastinate. Your REASONS must be big than your EXCUSES.

And If you feel these EXCUSES are going to be important for your FUTURE . I suggest you find a REASON and find it fast.

Otherwise, you are delaying your success .

Procrastination - A Reason or Excuse


Have a thought process today. And make a wise decision.

Will you ever suffer in your future if you don't get this done NOW? Think

Why MUST you do it?
Who must you do it for
What will you get it?

If you want more, you must get to work . If you want more, you must find a big REASON for your life.

A reason, which will ensure ZERO PROCRASTINATION, ZERO DISINCLINATION. 100% DETERMINATION because you KNOW why you 're doing this.

When you know WHY you are doing this, you can bear any pain. You can endure any suffering. You can outlast any failures. Hustle it


Make it on your priority list . And then you will KEEP GOING. You will be Unstoppable because you know success is coming .

You KNOW you will not stop until you get it done.


Dear Friends, the above points are based on my personal experience. I have tried my level best to help you and your comments on this article will motivate me to write more such articles, to help you achieve your success.


Thank You. Best Wishes.
Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

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