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Procedures to upload ITR and 3CB/3CD

Naresh Kansala , Last updated: 30 December 2020  

Procedure to upload ITR and Form 3CB/3CD based on Personal Experience

1) Firstly CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT has to register on Income Tax Site:

a) Steps to Register:

- Go to incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in -

- Click on 'REGISTER YOURSELF' or Click Here

- Select the option Tax professional- Chartered Accountants

b) Fill the Registration form

i) Selecting the option chartered accountant

ii) Provide the basic details:

(1) Membership Number,

(2) Enrolment date as CA,

(3) Name (Surname, First Name and middle name),

(4) Date of Birth,

(5) PAN

(6) E-mail ID

iii) Now upload your digital signature

iv) Select the "CONTINUE" button.

c) Page Two "REGISTARATION FORM" will open

i) You have to fill

(1) PASSWORD (The password will be 8-14 characters and must have at least one alphabet, one number and one special character. Eg. Abcd1251 @)


(3) Select and answer one primary question and one secondary question.

(4) Contact Details

(5) Landline number

(6) Mobile number, (Compulsory)

(7) Alternate number

(8) E-mail ID, (Compulsory)

(9) Alternate E-mail ID

(10) Press "Submit" button.


Future communications will be sent to mobile number and E-mail ID provide here, by the Income Tax Department.

ii) Upon successful submission of the Registration form:

(1) A Transaction ID will be generated.

(2) An Activation link will be sent on your E-mail ID.

(3) User ID will be sent to you with the activation Link E-mail ID.

iii) Activate your account by clicking on the activation link.

2) Now "ASSESSEE" have to:

a) Log in to incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in as usual by his own user ID and password

b) Go to "MY ACCOUNT"

c) Select "ADD CA OPTION"

i) Fill Membership Number of CA (if the CA has registered himself as CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT already then his name will appear automatically)

ii) Select the Form name 3CB/CD or 3CA/CD

d) Press "SUBMIT"

e) Upon Success submission "Message" will appear with "TRANSACTION ID" (E-mail will be sent to selected CA about the adding him as CA of a particular assessee.)


a) Download the form 3CD/CB from "Other Forms" by logging to the Income Tax site. Click here

b) Fill the form and validate the same, after successful validating the form, a button for "GENERATING THE XML FILE" will appear and save the XML file of form 3CD/CB.

c) Now login to the IT site with CA user ID and password and select the Form 3CB/CD and then upload the XML file with your Digital Signature.

d) Now Prepare PDF file of the BALANCE SHEET AND PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT, by scanning the Audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit And Loss Duly Signed By The CA And Assessee.

e) Upload the same.(The maximum size of the PDF documents to be loaded is given 20MB). f) Upload Both XML file of 3CB/CD and PDF files of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit And Loss at the same time.

4) Then ASSESSEE has to:

a) Login to his account on Income Tax site with the user ID and password.

b) Go to "Work List"

c) Form 3CB/CD will appear along with the name of chartered Accountant.

d) Assessee can view the Form 3CB/3CD along with Balance Sheet And Statement of Profit And Loss.

e) Approve the Audit Report by clicking at the "APPROVE" with own Digital Signatures.

f) WORK LIST now show that statement "Successfully E-filed"

E-filing procedure of the Form 3CB/3CD and Statement of Profit And Loss And Balance Sheet is completed.

Now File the ITR to complete the whole Procedure.

This is small step of mine to assist the queries of my friends and colleague.



Naresh Kansala

E-mail: naresh.kansala @ gmail.com

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