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So The ICAI has put out a notification today on 15th June giving an option to students to opt out of July 2020 exams.

In my opinion, it is insane that ICAI made students wait for so many days for bringing out this notification which doesn't mean much for students. The students who were unable to give exams would have anyway not given the exams. This notification has just ensured that such students don't lose their fees and such not giving of exams is not considered as a failed attempt.

The most important reason why this decision is also unfair because ICAI demands the students to take their final decision of exams within 3 days from 17 June to 20 June while the ICAI itself has reserved its final decision based on the situation and govt advisories in first week of July 2020. This clearly shows incapability of ICAI to make rational decisions that are in favor of students. Further, due to such a decision of ICAI most students will be forced to give exams out of peer pressure.

This decision is also highly discriminatory in nature because it discriminates against students who are in containment zones and students not being able to travel to their city of exam centre fearing for their life or due to lack of public transportation facilities amid the pandemic. The students had also complained of lack of books or educational facilities at the time of lockdown when they were stuck at unusual places for a long time.

Also the students have complained of their dwindling mental health and resultant lack of focus to study anything amid the anxiety developed due to the situation of pandemic. The fear of unknown and fear of contracting the virus as well as the thought of putting their own life and life of their families at risk has seriously affected mental health of students. Such inconsiderate decisions will further harm the psyche of students.

Prioritizing exams during the peak of coronavirus pandemic

To note, the ICAI has still not provided in detail what measures will be taken by them to ensure the safety of students who are going to sit for the exams.

It is pertinent to consider that as per opinion of some experts and media reports the cases in India are going to peak in July or August. But this has not deterred ICAI from making this decision.

While most of exams are cancelled or delayed till Oct (e.g.UPSC) or November, the ICAI has not bat an eyelid to listen or notice  to the plight of thousands of students who had the flocked twitter to make request to cancel the exams till Nov 2020.And as always, every complaint of students has fallen on deaf ears.


To CONCLUDE, The ICAI can only take decision for conducting of EXAMS and they are themselves in confusion from what it appears. Only you have to take the decision for your LIFE after considering a lot of factors like :

1) The area/city you stay in

2) Availability of transportation facilities to exam centre

3) Your mental health

4) Your preparation or lack of preparation on account of tough times of of pandemic which has wreaked havoc from last 3 months.

5) Advise of your family members




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