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Hello freinds.

I am Sandhya Purohit. I am a CA Final Student and cleared my IPCC in May 2011 with AIR 47th.

For me IPCC was a great battle which I wanted to win anyhow. I took IPCC as my goal and cleared it. You can also win this battle by taking care of some small points.

This is my first article on CCI and here I want to share some tips for presentation in paper which have helped me greatly.

General Points:

1. Write all answers in very clear cut manner. Don’t exaggerate anything. Just be to the point and state all points clearly.

2. For theory subjects write answers point wise with attractive headings and sub headings.

3. Use working notes wherever needed.

Subject wise points:

Group 1


1. Accounts has much portion of accounting standards. For accounting standard questions, give reference to the related accounting standard before computing the sum. Also give brief about the point asked in question before computing the final answer.

2.Draw the accounts very neatly and cleanly. Do the totals wherever needed and write full headings for each accounts.

3. Even if u don’t know any answer, just draw the format and write its heading. It can fetch u 1 mark even and for CA exams, every mark is important.

Law, ethics and comm.

1. For law, write relevant sections wherever needed only if u r 100% confident about it.

2. Ethics and communication answers should also contain your ideas and views. You can score well in it if you have good vocabulary.


1. For income tax, before computing the sum, write short summary before computation about the point to be answered. This shows your understanding about the topic.

2. Try to complete full paper as it works great for scoring.

Costing and FM

1. Use working notes wherever necessary for costing.

2. Don’t get panic by seeing the question as it may be twisted. Read the question slowly and try to find that point which may help you in solving the question.

3. Use the table format for solving the questions of F.M. It looks eye catching.

Group 2

Advanced accounting:

1. For sums of chapters like electricity, banking and insurance, draw proper formats without missing any point.

2. Points given above for accounts are applicable over here also.


1. Write answer point wise.

2. Also use the practical knowledge while writing answers of auditing as it shows your understanding of subject.


1. Use technical terms while writing answers of IT.

2. In this paper, definitions are asked of around 15 marks. So write definitions in clear and precise manner.

Hope you all liked the tips. Please leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

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Sandhya Purohit
(CA Final Student)
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