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Introduction: In this part -2, I would like to discuss about, Some studying tips while doing professional course with self study.

1. Preparation of study time table: We need to prepare the studying time table according to our time constrain and also study requirements. It should be a very realistic manner and also be very practical, then only we can follow the same and complete the study as planned.

2Understand the area of your strength: Understanding your strength in the subjects is very critical analysis in study preparation. Some will be very good in problems based papers, some will be very good in law papers and some will be very good in theoretical subjects. So which subject you are strong there you can allot time little less and which subject you feel that need more concentration, there you can allot more time.

3Multiple subjects in a day: Always keep the study plan with multiple subjects in a day. It will help in cover all the subjects and also avoid the depression and boring in a single subject.

4. Preparation of Own notes: As we discussed, in earlier part, conceptual understanding is the very basic in professional course studies. So we can read more study notes and reference books, along with that try to prepare your own notes for understanding the subject in very depth. It will help not only the conceptual understanding and also to remember the subjects without forgetting very frequently.

5. Practice: Practice will make man perfect. For professional course only subject understanding is not enough to complete the course, it also required the skills to apply that knowledge in the given situation. Practice the subject is the only way to overcome this problem. We need to practice with practical problems to understand subject very exhaustively. Doing more problems subject to your time availability is very much required in self studies.

6. Use of Scanner: Purchase the scanner for the particular group or stage and understand the trend of the question papers will help in self studies in very strategic manner and also while suffering time constrain, help of scanner is very important.

7. Previous terms question papers & suggested answers: Most possible try to get the all previous year question papers with suggested answers by the institutes for previous exam terms. It will helpful to understand the way of presentation of answers in your exams and practice as well.

8. Refer examiners comments: After every exam results, institute will publish the examiner’s comments for the particular term. We can read that in the website exam pages, this will help us to understand the exact requirement of the examiner from the examinees in terms of answers and the presentation and knowledge level etc.

9. Visit the institute websites & knowledge portals: For updation of knowledge and about the exams preparation and subject understanding, you can visit the institute website and knowledge portals. It will be very much required to make ourself very comfort and know about our knowledge level. For downloads updates related to taxations & laws etc. This activity very much required.

10. Create the study circle: Where ever possible try to create your professional study circle for studying with the know people who studying your professional course. Due to time restriction we cannot attend the coaching, but forming study circle and attend the meeting when ever possible will help you in self studies and also clarify our doubts in the subjects.

11. Avoid filtering: Due to time restriction and heavy syllabus most of the people try to filter the portion in the subjects and study very selectively. It will first hurt your exams and second hurt your quality of the professional qualifications. Passing with studying selected potions will not help in professional course preparation. Scanners are all try to guide your study preparation not for avoid the other portions and also present question papers pattern, all the portions are given importance and given marks. So try to avoid filtering.

12. Avoid last minute studies: Doing last minute exam time study will not helpful in anyway in your exams. Studying before one month or one week make you feel fear in the exams and that fear will hurt self studies as well as exams results. So last minute preparation need to avoid completely.

Conclusion: Requirement of professional course is very essential to survive in present job market. For getting the professional qualification is not an easy task. While doing the same with self studies required to do hard work. So I hope the points provided in my article will be helpful to your self studies and complete your professional course successfully.

Wish you all the very best..


CMA Ramesh Krishnan


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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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