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Greetings of the day!

Here is something i have,to all the unfortunate friends of mine who couldn't clear there exam now and in-advance for those who are awaiting for there PCC/IPCC.

The only reason which motivated me to write about this topic was that one of my closest friend - aka - sister was unable to cope with her failure which she met due to many of her personal reasons.I always know that she has immense capacity to come up in life if she desires.Many of you friends have met this naughty-sisto,spoke to her and apart from this she has been in sourav da`s article to. NAME DOESNT MATTER HERE.

Here we slowly walk into this topic wishing that it doesn't make you bugged up reading it -

A soul takes birth to learn different lessons in each lifetime till it grasps the complete knowledge of its own origin, its being, the whole universe.Once the soul gets enlightened in this manner, it need not take birth again.If it so desires,it can stay in that other dimension(which we know as 4th Dimension)and from there try and help other souls on earth(3rd Dimension) to get out of this cycle after learning their lessons fast.

Undergoing pain is an important part of this whole learning process.Pain is said to be a real ‘eye opener’.It awakens us to inner/hidden realities of human existence. Whether it is a physical,emotional or mental pain,all types of pain teach us very big lessons in any lifetime.Pain reminds us of our true purpose of taking human form i.e, to realize that we are soul and that we have strayed away from that Supreme Divine form thinking that  he is separate from us.A soul has to ultimately learn that ALL PLURALITY IS PART OF THAT SUPREME SINGULARITY.God is experiencing his creation through us.What our five senses perceive as separate entities is sheer illusion.

We do not realize this till we are enjoying life and are happy in our day to day life.We simply feel that being happy and sad is part and parcel of life. But there is a hidden learning behind every happening in our life which we do not realize or maybe we do not want to realize because we consider ourselves so learned that we feel that we know everything that is there to know about this world. Had that been the case, than all academically brilliant minds would have got enlightened and found our creator. It is said that to learn about Supreme we first have to de-learn our earthly knowledge because it is so very limited. But we are so very content with our existence and life that we do not care till something drastic happens in our life which is beyond our logical understanding.

When pain enters our life and we are unable to get over it despite our best efforts.We become helpless. Ultimately, we give up our EGO. This is the Starting Point. We pray for intervention of God. During that painful time, we start our search for that Supreme force firmly believing that someone, somewhere will take mercy on us and help us get over our pain. When the pain reaches its pinnacle and we start to pray seeking relief from our pain with utmost intensity, it reaches Universal power and and we start to feel the response in some way. Thus, we gain an understanding that there exists some ‘divine’ power which can be felt but cannot be seen or touched. We start our journey in search of that power which can cure us of our terrible pain. This quest for God is our first step towards achieving our life purpose - Self realization and God realization.

Unless we desire something, we will not strive to achieve it and God (Universal Divine Force) will not be able to help us if we do not seek HIM with firm belief in its existence. We realize that our persistent prayers of help have resulted in getting response from the GOD. Our life becomes livable. The pain either disappears or we stop feeling the effect of that pain anymore. We come to terms with our pain.

As we progress in our journey, we want to know more about God and crave to peep into HEAVEN to get HIS glimpse, to see HIS world. But where is God? Did God help you in easing your pain. Think. Wasn’t it your own feeling of helplessness, giving up of ego, belief in existence of universal power which cured your pain? Then where is God. God is not separate from you. God does not have a limited human form.The God–that UNIVERSAL DIVINE POWER–is within us.

It existed in form of energy in our soul before we took birth on this earth. IT will stay with us till we are alive. When all our lessons for this lifetime are learnt, it will be our time to leave. At that time our soul will discard the body and go back to that 4th Dimension till it decides to come back on earth to enjoy life again and to learn new lessons if we are yet to achieve the purpose of human birth. The PAIN makes us learn many of our lessons faster and hastens in achieving purpose of our human birth. That is why we say that when we lose, we gain.

But then why do we need to wait for Pain to make an appearance in our life for attaining the purpose of our life. Can’t we start this important journey when we are in a state of JOY.

The choice is entirely ours. We have to take that the first step. The rest will follow automatically because the entire source of divine knowledge is confined within us. When will we start to TAP on it? Its we, who decide our faith and success so my lovely sister and friends please regain back soon once we meet any failures or pain!


Karan Teli

(Life is just an illusion)

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Karan Teli
(Life Is just an Illusion...!!)
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