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Dear Students,

Its high time, its only a month period precisely 30 days at the end of which you all will be sitting in your exam hall delivering the result of what you all have done from last so many month. In fact it won’t be exaggerating to say this is most important one month of your life which will ultimately make you or break you. So utilize it in the most efficient manner.

We all CAs have gone through this phase and have done so many things which one should avoid and some of the things which one must do in order to taste success in examination. Therefore you all can learn from the mistakes others have done by not repeating them.

Remember there is no magical formula to succeed in any examination, but there are few things if you adhere to will certainly bring more chances of positive result. Here are some of the things dos and don’ts as far as forthcoming CA final exam is concern:

• Now that you have reached in your final month of preparation it is only certain that you all must have started with your revision ( after 1st , 2nd primary readings), make sure that you give equal attention to all subjects preferably by diving the total time available with subjects to be covered. This will keep you abreast with every subject and you will get early warning if you find difficulty in any particular topic or subject. Remember friends having sudden realization in the last few days that you are not able to recall some of the important topic or portion of a subject will only add to fear and panic which ultimately may affect other things that you have done well.     

•  Second most important thing is to stick to the same study material that you have done preparation from. Never ever attempt to change the material/ books/ notes in the last one month of exam preparation. Remember you can recall only what you have studied; different authors have different styles of stating the same thing. If you have decided that you have done all your basic understanding of a subject from some “X” book or notes and you would now revise the subject from some “Y” Book or notes then rethink, this will only confuse you and might get your moral down.  So this is not a right time to change your resources is the key.

•  Remember the concept of First in First Out (FIFO)? The same applies to our brain also. You all have done so much hard work over last so many months continuously. You are just feeding your brain with so many things every day, but unless you will revise well you won’t be able to recall the same in exams. Therefore Proper revision is must for better results. And revision is only possible of some thing you have already done or studied. So the message is as far as possible limit yourself for revising what you have already done rather than attempting to study something you have never done. Proper revision will give you confidence that you can remember what you have studied for so many months. Remember knowing 80% syllabus accurately is far better than knowing 100% syllabus halfheartedly.

• Take proper sleep, your mind requires enough rest or else noting will go inside. Scientifically 6 hours of sleep is must for a healthy mind. This is particularly so in case of exam days, I have seen people not taking enough sleep in the exam period and ultimately not able to concentrate during exams.

• Do take proper brakes in between studies, this will refresh your mind, there is no point in studying nonstop like a machine.  Talk to your friends, have a chat with your parents about something other than studies, this will only rejuvenate you.

• Do remember sections and recent Case laws in case of IDT and DT, the best way to remember a case law is to discuss the case with your friend. You might discuss the facts, findings and decision etc. This will certainly be of more help than to read and remember in isolation.

• Most important among all things that you can do is not to lose confidence, the more you will be stable and confidant in this last few days; more easier it will be for you to approach the exam in positive manner. Sometimes it so happens that you just not able to solve say a particular problem of Accounts, this results in underestimating yourself in whole of the accounts subject and even your overall preparation. Therefore it is very important to keep your cool and not to let pressure mount on you.

• Do share all of your experiences so that others would also be benefited. Wishing you all the best of luck for your last month preparation and for the exams as well.


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CA Kaushal
(Assistant Manager )
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