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The world is full of action-packed sporting events for us all to get in on, but there are a few that manage to stand out from the rest. There are a select few cricket tournaments out there that lend themselves perfectly to betting due to their high-octane nature, and if you are a huge fan of betting as well as cricket, you are going to have more than your fair share of options at your disposal.

In this article, we will be taking a look at three of the most exciting cricket tournaments to bet on, as well as telling you a little information about each to let you truly understand just how huge each of said events really are.

Most Exciting Cricket Tournaments to Bet on

ICC Cricket World Cup

Even if you are not a fan of cricket, chances are, you have already heard of the notorious ICC Cricket World Cup. This is perhaps the biggest cricket tournament in the world, and it is one of the few sporting events that happens to get worldwide coverage.

When it comes to the question of why the ICC Cricket World Cup is so exciting to bet on, well, it's rather straightforward. Not only is the ICC Cricket World Cup one of the biggest tournaments in the world, but it is also the place that all the good players want to be. Just take a look at the men's ICC test rankings if you need further evidence to show that this is the case.

Barring the two other competitions on this list, anyone who is anyone wants to be in this tournament, and there are few other claims that are as prestigious as saying you play from a team in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

This means that the competition is truly vicious - it's just a massive tournament that puts all of the best players in the world against one another. Moreover, as you would expect, this also means that the ICC Cricket World Cup lends itself perfectly to the betting stratosphere.


When every game you see features world-class players that have the potential to turn the tides at any minute, the stakes are never higher, and the level of excitement one can get when one single player brings a team that you have bet on from the brink is akin to nothing else in this world.

The ICC Cricket World Cup should always be a mainstay in your roster of betting events, and if you are looking to bet on some of the most high-octane match-ups in the world, then the ICC Cricket World Cup might just be for you. You can never go wrong with the  ICC Cricket World Cup - if you had to only bet on one cricket tournament for the rest of your life, the ICC Cricket World Cup would be a prime choice.

Vitality T20 Blast

While the Vitality T20 Blast may not be as well known as the ICC Cricket World Cup, that's not to say that it is any less prestigious. In fact, amongst cricket communities, the Vitality T20 Blast is usually the favourable option, and this is just down to the aggressive/explosive nature of the competition. (P.S. you can bet on Vitality T20 Blast on 10CRIC if you are struggling to find an establishment that offers it).

The Vitality T20 Blast would be a great option for those of you that are truly into cricket and want to go with a less mainstream option than the ICC Cricket World Cup - most of the people that are going to bet on the Vitality T20 Blast are likely going to be stout cricket fans themselves.

Just to reiterate; this competition is still huge. Just like other humongous sporting events, the Vitality T20 Blast still gets mainstream media/news coverage throughout the vast majority of the world, and this tournament is by no means small.

However, the Vitality T20 Blast is usually relegated to bettors who are mainly fans of cricket and want to bet, not the other way round. It is not uncommon to see two cricket fans in the bookies debating how so and so's swing was off by a marginal degree, and if this kind of expertise is something that you share, then the Vitality T20 Blast might be for you.

On top of this, the Vitality T20 Blast also enjoys some of the most exciting match-ups available, and many notorious teams compete with each other to find out who is the best. The Vitality T20 Blast is one of the best cricket tournaments in the world, and if you have a fondness for cricket like no other, there would perhaps be no better competition to get involved in.

Indian Premier League

No list of the top cricket tournaments to bet on would be complete without the inclusion of the Indian Premier League. The Indian Premier League perhaps features more talented players than even the ICC Cricket World Cup - that's just how insane this tournament is.

All of the top players in IPL history are on the same level as stars like David Beckham and Messi within the cricket circuit, and this is perhaps the quintessential cricket tournament that is loved by both cricket fans and bettors alike.


The IPL should be one of the first places to look if you are getting into cricket betting, and it is likely going to provide you with an experience unobtainable from anywhere else.

So, did you agree with any of the tournaments we featured in this article? If so, this certainly comes as no surprise. All of the tournaments in this list are not only some of the most exciting events in cricket; they are some of the most exciting events in the world.

Whether you are a die-hard cricket fan or not, betting on some of the biggest tournaments in the world can give you an experience like nothing else,  and if you are looking to get in on the fun, then getting involved may just be an amazing decision. Have fun.


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