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Even though girls have natural tendency to gather more information and that's why they are good at describing things and memorizing more things whereas a man's mind has comparatively less sensory points that's the reason why they are normally not so good with remembering things in detail and describing the same thereto. On the other hand boys have a good focus which girls don't have as they get distracted easily; well that was a general fact, exceptions are always there.

Above Para was written just to make you feel good and about telling you what the best you can do naturally :P Alright let's move on to our next philosophy, memorizing things ... helping yourself out with remembering the bullet points, following can be the ways:-

1. Mnemonics: - The easiest way to remember things as you can cut short the things in the manner you feel the need, and good to memorize the same at last point. The only loophole of this simplest technique is you can't go limitless with it.

After a limit, you'll either mix up everything or start forgetting the same. Best thing is apply this technique only for the question you feel most difficult or complicated one. 

2. Mind Map: - It's simply about creating the big picture of a topic. And connecting with as many things as you can for example :-

- Cobit has 5 principles and one of those includes holistic approach which is connected with its 7 enablers such as processes, organization structure and so on.

- You don't need to create a real mind map but you can still make a good idea in mind or otherwise if needed can make the diagram in any shape or way you desire.

- You can simply apply this technique on every easy topic. As ease of process would help you to connect things in much better way.

3. Scribbling :- well, this is just one time method. As you can't use this method twice, if you do so... na its not worthy enough. Scribbling is all about creating a rough draft of everything or say just needed

- You can use this technique mainly in revision time.

- Scribbling is all about your recalling power, so every time a new scribble would be more productive than using an old one.

- You can easily use this formula for almost everything, every question and the chances of getting confuse would be probably nil, if you use this technique in right manner.

4. Vocabulary: - This is the most powerful method and indeed a long term idea. And obviously take long time to succeed. As now you focus on just complicated words and try to memorize them.

- For other things, you would use your own writing style.

- This method is mainly useful for the last category of person in my revision methodology as they like to explore the more.

- Normally, the learners can't apply this technique as it's based on slow understanding.

Well, that's all for now.

Hope it helps.

Methods and techniques can vary person to person and surely there would be such other unique and creative ideas which I might not have explored.

So any suggestions, ideas and comments are truly welcomed.




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