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Dear Friends,

Discomfort has engulfed me way too much, that transpires me to write this piece of article.

Today, I am gonna speak my mind on our torrid state of affairs. The course which keeps the degree in abeyance (unless you give up) till someone cracks number of attempts to finally succeed. The agony, the pain, the lost space and the sleepless nights looks sweeter for a dream to achieve something that promises to build the glorious future. I did ride a long way to be a chartered accountant, working in a banking space, but living in a frame of shadow of what I ever dreamt of. When I scavenge, fellow colleagues finding it difficult to get a job in industry, to get a decent job profile in the market, it brings wrinkles over my face. Over past 18 months economy has been slowing down with every economist revising the GDP growth including the monitory authority "The Reserve Bank of India" revising it to 5.8% forecast for FY 2013.

Certainly there is a traction in the economy and financial sector is hard pressed alongwith the other sectors. I don't want to give elongated gyan on the "State of affairs" as I don'[t wanna sound like "Any business tabloid", which one can easily buy copy across the road. The moot point is the receding position of our profession which is now losing its grip in the market and more so with people's perception. The so called "invincible" course "Chartered Accountant" is now getting battered in the market place each day as we progress into the future. The ever dynamic Chartered Accountant, the one that has keeps the economy churning; the one who enlightens people on taxation matters, accounting matters is now finding a tough time to get his true commercial and economic value. To say the least, these days tailor made excel jobs are shipped to chartered accountant at a discounted salary, which is hard to image. Hundreds of chartered accountants are unemployed in the economy as a result of exceptional result or due to a dip in the market demand. Most of the jobs we navigate on the job portals are Accounting jobs, and worse is that people refrain to offers anything beyond that. Understand that the economy is slowing down, but the true litmus test comes when the going gets tough.

The selling value or whether we can sell ourselves today in the market at a better price is a question mark? The conventional methodologies, the outdated format of studies loaded with piles and piles of modules is taking off the shine slowly and gradually. It's alarming sign that we revisit our modules and methodologies to ensure a strong and better future. On the verge of the elections, I urge the candidates to diligently and earnestly chalk out a better road map to ensure a bright and stronger future for students. Bring in a novelty, bring in a platform wherein professional can engage on a regular basis and implement a constructive plan to safeguard the shine of our profession. The above is a short, crisp note on the economic diaspora - chartered accountancy. I don't intend to de-motivate anybody, but just wanted to reiterate that truth is stranger than fiction.

Published by

Jigar Shah
(Chartered Accountant)
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