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Mastering CA: The Power of Positivity and Mindfulness in Your Journey

Aarti Maurya , Last updated: 01 June 2024  

CA could be the most rewarding course if we stay positive and calm during our journey.

It could also be the most stressful and take our confidence down if we do not know how to manage our thoughts, overthinking, and stress.

There will be many situations when you doubt your actions or your results. During this journey, I have learned that if we are not happy with ourselves, we will never be happy with what comes with us.

Mastering CA: The Power of Positivity and Mindfulness in Your Journey

You will also meet people who will shatter your confidence and self-esteem. Ask yourself, "Do they matter?" Make sure you do not waste your time on these irrelevant people.

You may have an internship at the best place with good exposure, but you will still be unhappy. Meanwhile, a person with patience and perseverance will live a happy and fulfilling life, even in a small or mediocre firm.

People never care for what they have; now they are always worried about what they will have in the future, which leads to anxiety. 

The root cause of this anxiety is you. You always seek others' opinions, impacting your happiness or unhappiness. Attachments with toxic people make you like one of them. You are never sure of your actions. They can never make you feel secure about who you are, nor are they sure about themselves.


And the other cause is being surrounded by people who always judge you for all your actions. 


Sometimes all a person needs is someone who can say they are proud of them. And have faith in yourself; it will be a beautiful journey.

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