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Hello Friends, 

As per my personal understanding for a long and strong professional career the foundation of your study should be very strong. I can say this because of my in-depth study of Institute Study Material.

Dangerous Reality:

Somewhere it is established that whole CS is very much possible with the help of scanner and guideline answers issued by ICSI and referring 2-3 reasonable notes. To a certain extent it is true for lucky students. However 1-2 failure is possible aggregate wise in this way but once you stuck in exam result with this kind of study pattern, it’s going to be very difficult for you to recover. But that is fine for some students. But to be honest this kind of study is really very harmful for your professional life and you will soon realize this mistake.  

Students who chose this route come to know the reality immediately after passing CS final or facing their first interview for training or for job. Lakin tab tak bahut darr ho chuki hoti hai.

Right Way:

So I would like to share my way of setting the foundation for your study, as mentioned below:

1. First of all it is very much required to have faith in your choice of a professional course and you have to take genuine interest in the course and subjects to perform well.

2. Try and understand importance of developing analytical skills and sense of relevant study material.

3. Form a circle of good friends for discussion etc.

4. First refer Scanner to locate important chapters and topics. Scanner will give you a bird’s eye view of entire course content.

5. Mark the important chapters and topics located from scanner in the institute study material.

6. Give a sound and detailed study to institute study material and also give special reading to important chapters and topics located from scanner as mentioned in point no. 4. [Quick reading approach is explained below this post].

7. If you honestly follow point no. 6, you’ll have more than 75% exact idea of your course with good understanding of topic for exam purpose.

8. After that you can use anyone’s notes to give a final touch to your preparation.

Here comes a genuine question if you directly use point no. 8 and start using notes of different authors from the very beginning without understanding the topic, purpose then how will you achieve success and what will happen to your professional career?      

Some time back here in CAclubindia I had shared following Strategy/technique to prepare Section in Company Law:


1. First read the Section from Bare Act as bare act contain the pure law passed by legislature/Parliament.

2. Then read the same section from your law book with full concentration. You may refer book of Munish Bhandari for CA IPCC/PCC and CA Final.

3. Now it is the turn of your coaching notes. Read them thoroughly. Analyse all the situations discussed in the class.

4. Now read all the previous exam problems based on that particular section from book. Use scanner with ICAI suggested answer to prepare previous exam problems. Try and understand the application of section in practical problem.

In the same way I would urge you all to draft some strategy to prepare different topics and start thinking differently. You may also apply the basic structure of above Strategy/technique to other topics of studying subjects like Income Tax, ISCA, ITSM etc. 


First give Institute study material a quick reading to understand the depth and figure out the efforts and time required for final preparation. You would appreciate that through this quick reading you would be able to figure out where extra efforts are required to prepare a subject and plan accordingly.

Make necessary notes or put suggestions or mark strategy for yourself on the study book during first reading. This will help you to deal with the subject later on during final preparation. Pre-condition for this first study is --- go ahead for quick study with a completely relax and chilled mind. Your main purpose behind this quick study is observation and formation of a plan to deal with the subject.

During first study ride prepare a plan for final preparation. Also use scanner for making the plan. Later on use any good notes to prepare. Remember at this moment you have everything in your mind like what is imp along with basic idea of the topic and chapter.

Think about it and believe in putting good foundation of your study for long and strong performance.

Best Regards

Happy Reading!

Ankur Garg

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Ankur Garg
(Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)
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