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My greetings to all the people out there reading this write up.

Although I am not a CA yet but still I possess something really precious, which is, the art of living. My life has been a lesson to me so far, which I am going to share with you all. I am taking you all to the Journey of Unaddressed Issues of Mysterious Life.

Issue 1: Is waking up, going to work, studying and then again retiring to bed is all, your life is made up of?

If the answer is in affirmative, then probably you need a change because your life may be heading towards a dull and boring path.

You are just getting reduced to a terrible despondency.

Everyday is a gift, every morning is the signal that life has chosen you to do something exemplary, to do something worth living.

If your schedule comprises of just waking up, work and sleeping, then belive me you are seriously living a miserable life. Even a bird does the same, it wakes up, flies here and there in search of food for itself and its family and then sleeps again just to follow this monotonous routine next day.

Everyday is an opportunity to bring a difference, to bring an improvement.

Issue2:  When I was an article assistant, I faced a time when all my seniors went on to leave to take their Final Exams, I took it as an opportunity. I thought I would learn work in different fields. I began to work late at night. I was the first one to arrive in office and the last one to leave it. I encounter the nights after morning, hardly happen to see the day light. I thought I was becoming productive but I was highly on a wrong track. I even argued with my family members about my priorities towards work. I also did not bother about my studies.

When I remember that time today, I realize that I was just trying to find an escape in the name of work by working overtime in the office. It was an escape from the mental trauma I was in due to my personal life.

I neglected my studies, I skipped my responsibilities towards my family and friends and the most awful reality was I was ignoring my own self, my own life.

Sometimes, we may face such a situation where we think that we are the only one doing correct and often unwilling for any sort of guidance from anyone. So did I.

So if you also find yourself a victim of such irrational thinking then ponder over your schedule and thinking pattern.

The words of Late Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam have come as a great teaching to me in this regard; He said

“A person who stays late at the office is not a hardworking person; Instead S/he is a fool who does not know how to manage work within the stipulated time. S/he is incompetent and inefficient in his work.”

Issue 3: Do you often deny outings with your family or friends or partner? Or you bring your work to home on weekends?

If you are such kind of person, then again I am compelled to you that you are losing the sight of right and wrong and cheating with your own life.

Some people from our profession prefer to remain in practice rather than getting employed. They maintain no schedule, they start their mornings with a phone call with their so-called clients, work incessantly till 7-8 pm or even more some days, no doubt some may make huge money, even go to work on Sundays. They themselves sacrifice their personal life in the name of money and also make their near and dear ones sacrifice their wishes too. This is truly a miserable life.

Remember one thing that Work is a never-ending process; it can never be completed.

You have not studied hard and struggle in life in order to become a Machine.

Life is not only about work, office and client. There is more to life. You need time to socialize, entertain, relax and exercise. Don’t let life be meaningless.

If you fall in your life, neither your client will offer you a helping hand; your family and friends will.

Interest of your client is important, so is your family.

Irrespective whether you are employed or run your own business or practice, you need to cultivate discipline in your work and strictly demarcate your personal and professional life.

Issue 4: Are you yet not over with the grief of someone left you forever? Or are you scared of Death?

I think I am the most appropriate person to address this sensitive area. Having lost my best friend in such a tender age has surely taught me the way to live. Death is inevitable. We all are exposed to this very reality of life. Everything that is created is bound to be destroyed. This is the universal law that applies to all the things and all the living organisms. We have the evidences that even the entire race, dynasty, culture may come to an end and history is full of such evidences.  Even the most basic unit of life i.e. a cell is not immune to such rule. We lose so many cells every second. So accept this reality that we are heading towards aging with each passing moment.

You may lose some people today. Some people will surely lose you tomorrow. You have no control over it. You cannot bribe the God of Death. So stop lamenting over what you have lost. The biggest tribute to the lost dear one will be to live upto their expectations, to live your life with a grit and strength and not allowing yourself to weaken.

Remember if you chose to be happy, even the harsh realities cannot disturb you and happiness will find your way.

Issue 5: Does your past haunt you?

Having attended The Vippassana Meditation 10 day course, I realized that we are the slaves of our mind, Our mind  keeps travelling either in memories of Past (What happened, what could have happened, about the possible permutation combinations of our reactions to a situations we already faced, for eg, mujhe ye keh dena chahiye tha, ya esa karna chahiye tha) or in some irrelevant Future Planning (For eg, some sort of fantasies which are never going to actualize).

We hardly feel the essence of existing moment. We should learn to train our minds, so that it works the way we want and not make us work according to its mood.

Remember a moment loses its relevance the moment, that moment passed. Thinking about a particular past happening will neither revive it nor modify it. Whatever has gone is gone and you have to live by it.Don’t run after anyone or anything. All are short-lived.

Similarly, don't get indulge in baseless future fantasies. Somethings remain good if left unplanned. Dont lose its charm by forecasting in advance.

May be you would have made mistakes, or made a blunder in your past but“Now” is the moment to change and improve. Learn to live in present and remain aware of everything going around you and inside you.

Issue 6: Do you prefer work to workout?

Spending a major chunk of your day before screen, or amidst black and white pages without giving a damn to your health is what most of the people do these days.

They defer physical activities till they are done with exams, or with a particular project or a random assignment. Such activities continue receiving deferment all the time. Tareeq pe Tareeq!

Physical Inactivity is unknowingly preparing your body to suffer from diseases like hell, may be not today but in time not far away!

Don’t wait for any sort of muhurat or auspicious day because bad times or bad news does not wait for any invitation; Buckle up your shoes, start a morning walk or get an acupressure kit or Start with Surya Namaskar and Yoga, Or join a gym or Aerobics, or include dancing in your daily routine. But do it for sure!

Issue 7: Is Chartered Accountancy an end?

No, its not an end.

Taking it lightly will never be advisable but taking too much stress is never recommended. Just know one thing nothing is more important than yourself.

Whatever you do, you do with a set frame of mind, without any doubt or confusion. Try to be as efficient as possible. Remember studying or working whole day does not indicate productivity but inefficiency. Try to allot the standard time to all your tasks and manage your time accordingly.

This skill is really important to achieve anything you ever wished for. Don’t set unrealistic goals, prioritize your tasks and time and proceed accordingly.

Always ready to confront failures. Is the life devoid of failures a life worth living? Never; Failure just brings the best out of us.


An Ideal Life

An Ideal Life is just about the management of quality time with family and friends, working for limited duration but maintaining efficiency so that maximum output can be derived within optimum time, socializing, (Level of socialization is one’s own personal decision) and most importantly time for one own self so as to discover your needs, goals so to further experiment with life accordingly.

Hope this article had enough potential to influence you in one or the other way.

Your feedbacks are warmly welcomed.

The author can also be reached at


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CA Gyati Gupta
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