Hi, every one.

1st of all Thank you very much for liking my last 2 articles. I hope it helped to those who were really in need this. I know my articles are quite unique but not unrealistic.

One should keep one thing in mind that "IPCC is not passed by only hard study the way (and easier way too) to pass the IPCC is SMART STUDY". And I believe in Smart study. That's why I am writing these articles. Now I come to my point.

This article is 2nd part of my last article "Last Night Preparation Of IPCC".

I have already discussed about the preparation of 1st group...now we will discuss about 2nd group.

Now we come in two different situations. 1st one is for those who has their both group examination and 2nd one is those who has only 2nd group exam. We will discuss one by one about both the situation.

Now we start with 1st one.

After coming home after home after tax paper Don't just leave every thing. My advice is that Advance a/c course is not much big so you should study any other subject on 1st day. My personal advice is that (which I also followed in my exam) you should study Info. After coming home from tax paper because ITSM paper create a big problem for student on 9th evening read any chapter of IT which you feel unprepared get up early in the 10th morning and don't just rush to start a.a/c till afternoon you should study IT because it will help a lot on the day of ITSM EXAM at around 2 p.m. Start your a.a/c with "AS" (The most important chapter). Do this chapter very well, now complete department and branch, these chapter looks easy but tricky question may come from it. So be ready for it on 10th complete these chapter only on 11th morning Start preparation with Company and do the rest chapter. Don't get panic if you can't remember the Schedules. Don't forget that we have a option of leavening a question in exam. Now on exam day just revise small concepts and then go to exam after coming home from exam take a sweet nap of 2 hour and after getting up start your preparation for audit. Start with COMPANY AUDIT and complete it in night. On the next day get up and revise special audit then SA (Try to remember SA no. Of some important SAs) till after noon finish all and then complete vouching & verification and then complete the rest chapter on the exam day just revise SA and company audit, go to exam after coming home from exam just prepare your self for the Most dangerous paper ITSM.

If you will follow me this paper won't be dangerous.

1st of all start your preparation with FLOW CHART then Decision table and then No. System, do all 3 chapter till night. And as you get up in morning start study with Networking, then internet then DBMS and at last do the 1st chapter, just try to learn all the Points and Some technical Words. That will fetch you good marks, finish your IT till after noon. Now start your preparation for SM, my advice is to start your preparation From last to 1st, means Start your preparation with last chapter then 2nd last then 3rd last. And so on.

Same advice here just learn all the points. And MOST IMPORTANT for ITSM. Don't forget to complete "PRACTICE MANUAL" 40 to 45 marks paper will be from it.

Now we come to the 2nd situation for those who are giving 2nd group only.

There is not much change in the preparation plan..the only change is that you can start your Advance accounts study 3 or 4 days before the exam and in these days they can cover 2 or 3 chapters of ITSM along with a.a/c, guys Covering some chapter of ITSM is not a wastage of time it's will help You passing ITSM Paper.

Now in the last I can say is do good in the exam, try your best.

See you Soon in the Finals.

In last just I wanna say BEST OF LUCK For exam do well and STUDY HARD NOW.


Best wishes.

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