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Hello Friends and All CCI member,

This is my 2nd article on CCI, 1st of all i want to thanks the ADMIN of CACLUBINDIA for approving my 1st article.

My 1st article was "HOW TO PASS IPCC BOTH GROUP IN JUST 20 DAYS" Some people like it or some didn't like. What ever I though it was my duty to share that with you all.

And I am very happy that some people Found it very helpful.

After a huge success of my 1st article I am writing my 2nd article this is for All IPCC student who are appearing in their forth coming EXAMS.


Even I didn't find any such for me. So I decided to write. Now I come to my POINT.


Friends exams are the most precious part of a student life. It doesn't matter what you study in your last one year. The only thing matter is how you WRITE YOUR EXAM IN THOSE 3 HOUR. So you should be fully prepared for the exam...most of the student find the SHORTAGE of TIME in exam. This is just because of wrong time management. So now we start how one should prepare for exam in last night. We start with A/C.

A/C paper is on 2nd November.

A/C paper is very important for a IPCC STUDENT. Because this is the only subject in which we are master..Yr 11th se pad rahe h perfection To hona hi chahiye. If we score 60+ in this subject problem of AGGREGATE is almost solves. So friends complete your all revision till 28th night and from 29th morning START preparing.

FIRST of all START with Accounting standards I Think I need not to say how important this part is, and 2nd chapter you have to do is AMALGAMATION along with this complete INTERNAT RECONSTRUCTION these 3 chapter you have to complete on 29th in the evening just REVISE any single and small chapter of LAW Just for A Change because you can get bore by continues reading of a/c and this will also reduce the load on the day of law exam now on 30th October. Complete PARTNERSHIP, HIRE PURCHASE, INSURANCE CLAIM AND INVESTMENT, last 2 chapter are small so it won't take too much time and in the evening Same as last day REVISE any chapter of LAW for just 1 or 2 hour. Now on 31st complete all other remaining all remaining chapter are too small. So do them properly and revise a Chapter of law in the evening. So till 31 evening we would have completed all A/C now on 1st November you are fully prepared on 1st November. If you feel any less preparation in any chapter then revise that again or if you are ok with every chapter then just try to revise whole course firstly and don't forget to revise a chapter of LAW in the evening.

Guys don't think that preparing A law chapter is wastage of time 1 or 2 hour is now a big time you can study it when you feeling like boring, it will give you too much confidence on the day of LAW exam.

Ok now it comes to exam day just be cool try to revise all small concepts and formulas. Now go to exam hall be cool and start you paper, so after completing paper don't just waste your time in discussing paper with friends...just come to home. Take a 2 hour of sleep, get up and don't waste time just start preparing for law. 1st of all take all those 4 chapter which you revise at the time of preparing of a/c and revise them again as you have revised them just few day before so they won't take much time you will get perfection in those chapter, now go to sleep get up in the morning and TRY to complete the remaining 1 small chapter I know that will be CONTRACT act...THIS chapter is too big and maximum 8 mark question come from don't give too much time, just try to finish it firstly. Now you have completed your full BUSINESS LAW. Now start COMPANY ACT don't think that we will leave company act and do all other properly and will pass. GUYS COMPANY ACT is very easy if your concepts for the provision is just try to REVISE this chapter this chapter contain 30 marks so devote little bit extra time to it and finish it till 4 pm now start the most important ETHICS AND COMMUNICATION. Do this part very properly. Just MUG UP all the points and always use your common sense while answering the question from this part finish it till the night and just sleep. And on the exam day just get up and prepare your self for the exam. Now my advice is to Revise ETHICS AND COMMUNICATION again because this part contain 40 marks. Now go to exam hall write your exam and come home.

After coming home take 2 hour sleep after getting up start Your preparation for COSTING & FM. This the most LABORIOUS paper for all IPCC STUDENTS. Students always find shortage of time in preparation of this subject. So we have to be a little bit fast for doing proper revision. So after getting up from a Nap of 2 hour just start with THEORI PORTION of both costing and FM. And complete the whole theory till night as you all know Theory is the most important part of this paper theory may come for 25 TO 35 MARKS. So do it properly. Now get up early in the morning (as you know there is shortage of time so will have to sacrifice our little bit sleep, now start with Working capital, complete WORKING CAPITAL AND CAPITAL BUDGETING properly. And now complete Time value of money, now only 2 Chapter remain (we have completed theory chapter last night).

Now do these two chapter properly. Do these chapter properly because they are very most important and formula based chapter. And finish your FM Till 1pm, Now start your costing in this way. First do small and easy chapters. Start With Contract costing, and do all chapter till 7 pm except standard, marginal, process, over head. These 4 chapter are Most important so complete them properly, complete them before sleeping. I know this schedule is so Tough but no other option we have to, now go to sleep and pray to god for your success. Now get up in morning and just revise the theory and All the FORMULAS. Go to exam and after completing your exam come to home. Take a long sleep. As we have done too much hard work on last paper. So 1st complete your sleep. As we have 2 days leave. Now get up in the morning And start your preparation with VAT AND SERVICE TAX on the 1st day do only this part. Mug up all the points. Revise properly. And don't forget to do ALL SERVICES this is very important. Now on the 2nd day start your preparation for income tax. Start with Residential status and complete all chapter one by one. Salary, house property and B&P. Now do other source. And in last Do CAPITAL GAIN. This chapter is little bit tricky. So do it properly. Now do set off & clubbing Very well. As the one 8 mark question is almost fix from these 2 chapter. Now Do all other rest chapter as these chapter are not much important so just go through is enough. But if you have time then do this also as we can't expect any thing from ICAI. Now on the exam day I would advice to revise service tax ,VAT, capital gain, and set off and clubbing. Now go to exam and just rock it.

Friend this is only the 1st part of my article I will write one more article on preparation of 2nd group. So here is the preparation plan for you all.

This is what I did in my exams and result of it I passed my exam.

"All the point written in my article is just common and even every student know I am just collecting them together putting here. So that if any one need can take it from here".


Friends this my personal opinion on how to prepare. I don't force any one to follow it but if you find it help full then must follow it. It's all up to you.

I know it's so tough to manage but it's not impossible because I have done this. You have to do just ki Har time ke study ke liye Jo portion allot Hua h use complete Karke hi rahana h chahe khuch b ho jaye.


Friend just think after passing how proud you will feeling infront of every much happy your parents will be. Don't leave a hope Passing IPCC is still possible. Pray every day to GOD for your success.

In last just I wanna say BEST OF LUCK For exam do well and STUDY HARD NOW. And PARTY HARDER LATER.

Best wishes.

Thanks for reading this.

If you wanna give any suggestion or you have any query then just mail me at

And friends please msg me or mail me how do you like my this article, was is helpful for you.

Thank you
Pankaj sharma

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