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Dear students hows the preparation going for exam? Zoar me Ya dragging not up to mark .Heres a boosters dose to charge you up. All the points given below are from my experience and my learning from my teachers take whichever works for you. (Ignore whichever is not suitable for you).

1. Motivating Booster: How many times it happens that we keep an alarm to wake up at say 5 a.m. and actually we are out of the bed at 4.50. 10 minutes before time this is the power of subconscious mind. So the first thing is write down your goals long term, short term, want to just pass the CA exam or want to score highest marks in some subject or want to be a rank holder. Write your goals very clearly in detail and than read it everyday when you wake up and just before you go to sleep.

2. Accounts Booster: The portion of CA exam is very vast and everything cannot be revised just before the exam. While preparing now keep small notebook for every subject and write the typical adjustment of every problem along with conclusion in flowing words. When you write it you actually learn it. Moreover this book will be very helpful for last moment revision. Conceptual study is very important for practical papers then the pen will flow automatically in exam.

3. Income tax Booster: For IPCC, Income Tax is of 50 marks, Vat & Service Tax is of 25 marks

easch. Vat & Service tax portion being less, full marks can be scored with thorough preparation. But for Income tax, preparation should not just be exam oriented but it should be conceptually very strong. Clear concepts will help the students to score not only in numeric problems but also in theory questions. Gives special attention to the latest amendments as these are the hot favorites.

4. Costing & Financial Management Booster: Write all formulas, formats and concepts in notebook for last moment revision. Theory and 2 marks questions are very scoring and can be prepared from past exam papers. Dont refer too many books or notes instead study from 1 book in depth.

5. Theory paper Boosters: Theory is easy to understand but difficult to write in exam. For theory papers never make a target to learn a chapter at once instead read it again and again. Draw flowcharts, diagram or write summary points in a separate note book to revise before exam. once again I am repeating writing once means you have learnt it. To avoid the boredom of continuous reading the same topic preparation can be done from suggested answers of institute which will cover all the topics and all the variety of questions. Accounting standards and auditing standards (now SAs) get good weightage in exam so dont ignore them.

6. Time management Boosters:

a. Note all your chapters index subject wise in a notebook. Write wherefrom you are going to prepare study material, textbook, suggested answers any other notes.

b. Put a tick when 1 time preparation is over. Dont forget to pat yourself for completing the target.

c. Allot proper time so as to cover at least 2 subjects a day. Reading the same subject for full day continuously reduces efficiency.

d. Maximum students face the problem of anxiety about other subjects while preparing for one subject. Keep a small pad to note down your next hour schedule or pending schedule and forget it for the time being so as to concentrate on present topic.

e. Make a list of things you are missing now movies, outings, chitchatting with friends, family get together you can do all this leisurely after your exam. (See the marriage horse eyes are covered from sides to avoid disturbance so focus on exam preparation leave aside everything else.)

f. Study for at least 12-14 hours now but give yourself small relaxation chargers.

g. Dont allow unwanted calls or messages to disturb you.

h. Take care of you health, after all CA students cannot afford to be ill.

i. Dont run after any shortcuts, study as much as you can. I believe there is no shortcut or smart work, the only way to pass is hard work. No one can become a CA without toiling. PCC/IPCC is the base for CA Final so study conceptually and dont leave any topic. The best part of CA course is even after clearing the exams practically you have to work on same subjects what you are learning now irrespective of whether you are in job or in practice. So take the knowledge actually not exam oriented.

7. Exam Boosters:

a. Plan for 3 hours duration so that you can attempt all the questions in time.

b. Dont give more than the required time to a single question. If incomplete, leave for once and complete in the last half an hour.

c. Start new answer on new page.

d. Write the question numbers clearly.

e. Answer all the sub-questions together at one place.

f. Show all the workings, calculations and assumptions within the answer itself.

g. In theory papers, write the main headings in all the answers, if not, underline the clue word in the sentence.

h. Give to the point answers.

i. Sections should be quoted, only if you know it perfectly along with subsections.

j. Use the same calculator from now till final exam.

k. Once exam is over never discuss the paper, rather plan for the next exam.

A paper flying in air is due to luck. But a kite flying in air is due to your effort. So dont depend on luck believe in you efforts 100%. Get set and march towards your goal. All the best wishes.



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