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Writing about one’s journey of life is never easy. You don’t know where to begin and where to end. Life is full of precious moments and it’s a daunting task to recollect all the memories and express in words. Never though I attempt to write about my journey of being a Chartered Accountant. In fact I feel it’s a story of every CA student. We all must have gone through this phase of failures where in we lose all hope and feel life’s moving nowhere. We begin to question our existence. We lose faith in almighty and to the extreme case, we give up.

But before I begin writing about the journey, a few disclaimers.

Although I am writing in First Person Point of view, I want you all to visualize yourself too. And as I have already mentioned, it’s a story of every CA student.

And the second thing is that I am a bit philosophical kinda guy, so in case any one of you are too practical about life and stuff, please excuse me for the boredom. I sincerely apologize in advance.

Well, anyways, I am an average student with lots of aspirations and want to make my parents proud like most of us. I have never been a topper or a ranker. I play pranks, I joke, I laugh, sometimes I get depressed but then I get out of it as fast as I get into it. I have had my share of failures: ups and downs. There were times when I felt very suffocated and just wanted to give up. Missing by 2 marks and all your friends clearing was the worst thing that could happen to me I had thought back then. But today when I look back, I feel blessed to have failed for it has strengthened my belief in the almighty. You can never know the taste of success until you have tasted failure.

During this period of failure, I had a lot of time to do introspection on what went wrong...not as in if there was any less amount of hard work put in by me but what is wrong with my life. Then I realized what was wrong. Expectation, Expectations from parents, relatives, neighbours, friends, yourself. I was burdening myself with so many expectations to clear, get good marks, get a good job and as someone has rightly put.” Expectation is the root cause of all the sorrow in your life.” In this mad race to be the best. I was losing myself. I was like everyone else, don’t know where I was  going but just running, there were times when I would shut myself from the outside world, no contacts with anyone. I was under too much pressure but then I realized CA is a part of life and not life, there’s life beyond CA too. I started making new friends, opened up to the world and trust me, world is not as scary as it seems, we all live in a shell and take time to open up and we all have some special gift and one thing I learnt was to  never compare myself with others as  you don’t know what the other guy has gone through, then I made a list of things I wanted to achieve...Of course passing was on top of it but there were so many things I wanted to do which I couldn’t because of time constraints and more than that, ”mind constraint”, one golden rule I always follow “If you believe you can, you can. if you believe you can’t, then you can’t. It’s all in your mind.”

I lost self confidence at times but one thing I always had was, faith; faith in the almighty. I don’t know how he looks like, how he speaks but I can feel him, just like air whenever I am down and out, whenever I need a ray of hope in the darkest tunnel, I just pray to him and he shows me light with every mistake he has a lesson for us in every failure he has a message for us. ”Have faith.”  So to cut the long story short. I managed to clear and with my experience I can tell you that the most beautiful part about life is not the’s the journey. Today when I look back, all the happy memories flash in front of me and that’s the beauty of time, it erases all the bad ones.

So just close your eyes and  think about life, visualize where you want to see yourself 5 years down the line. Think beyond career and money. Life is too short, so live it in your own terms. Time is very strong & stops for no one, do what you feel like no matter how big or small.Bass yeh na ho ke when you become old, lying on a bed,aisa man me nahi aana chahiye ke”kash I had done this when I was 20”. Yeh jo “KASH” hai na, bahut bhaari word hai. And one more thing-like I had said yesterday. Do something for those who are not as blessed as you are. Living a life only for yourself is the most self-fish thing you can do. Teach under-privileged children, help differently-abled people,donate anything to an orphanage house or old-age home, plant trees, anything you like & trust me no money can give you bigger satisfaction than this. I understand most of us are busy with studies and exam & don’t have time, but then that’s the whole point,if you can’t do it now & wait for studies to get over, you shall never be able to do it & always wait for the right time & that right time never comes.


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Vikash Maheshwari
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