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Hello Everybody,

Off late I have observed that many students have a frame of mind that works like this –

·         To earn …. You have to do …. Course

·         You cannot earn ….. without doing …. Course

·         The only way to get a great house, car, wife etc is to do …. Course

·         Unless you are a CA/MBA..etc you are nobody, you are not educated.

Some also go ahead and compare various courses to justify their own frame of minds and would say CAs is superior/inferior to MBAs/Engineers etc.

I have a message for all of you.

ICAI or for that matter any institute is nobody to decide anybody’s future.

Their job is to provide educational services.

Your future is only in your hands. The amount of money you will earn is not decided by any institute but by your own deeds.

Having or not having a degree can influence only your starting salary in case you opt to do a job.

If you want to start a business, remember that you will be doing well because you offer something great. We do not buy goods or choose to use services of some company based on the qualifications of their management. Be it a cell phone, telecom service provider, restaurant, internet, computer, stationery or a movie theatre, toothpaste, brush, perfume, car etc. We all make these decisions based on the costs and quality considerations and not the qualifications of the management of the ones who manufacture/provide these goods/services. The ability to have a good cost structure and quality again is not something that is copyrighted by people who have degrees.

If you look at the industries globally, there is nothing to suggest that the businesses started by those who have not done CA or MBA or Engineering etc are less efficient than those who have done these courses (for more on this refer to examples given by Shri Warren Buffet in his letters to shareholders and Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Reports - see his website

Knowledge is universal.  It is not something that exists only in the books of some courses. Also remember that Knowledge is not a commodity that exists with only those who have passed certain exams.

You can learn a few things by doing a few courses, or even by experience. Many great businessmen’s do not have any degrees at the same time many of them do. You may fall in any criteria, but that does not decide anything. What has made these businessmen with degrees rich is not the degree but it is their ability to deliver and their attitude and luck.

Therefore, please do not under estimate and bind yourself in these false rules. If someone says that you cant earn …. Unless you are ….. or you cant get …. without having …. degree it please ignore such comments. These rules are made by the minds only and do not exist in reality.

Believe in yourself and god to have a strong will.

Remember - The will is stronger than anything else. Everything must go down before the will, for that comes from God and God Himself; a pure and a strong will is omnipotent - Swami Vivekananda.

To know more, see my blog - or

Published by

Krunal Raichura
(Financial Advisory)
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