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Interest Hammer on assessee- Illustrated

Interest on Service Tax is charged in accordance with the provisions of Section 75 of Finance Act 1994. Rate of Interest up to 01/10/2014 is simple interest of 18% per annum on delayed payment of tax (3% concession is available to small service providers). But with the Budget 2014 there is a major change in the rate of interest as shown in the table below. This change in interest rate is hammer on the assessee (although 3% concession is available to the small service provider).

S No

Period of delay

Rate of Simple Interest


Up to six months



More than six months and up to one year

24% for this period


More than one year

30% for this period

As per illustration given in TRU the modified interest rates are applicable for the period of delay prior to 01/10/2014 also. But according to canons of law the interest rate(s) existing during the period of delay is the applicable rate of interest. This can be illustrated as under :-

Situation 1:

Service Tax outstanding (Rs. 1,00,000):


Service Tax paid on :


Total delay is 18 months.

Interest calculation shall be as follows:

For period 01/10/2014 to 31/03/2015, Interest rate for 1st six months is 18% p.a.

₹ 9,000

For period 01/04/2014 to 30/09/2015, Interest rate for next six months is 24% p.a.

₹ 12,000

For period 01/10/2015 to 31/03/2016, Interest rate for balance period is 30% p.a.

₹ 15,000

Total amount of Interest

₹ 36,000

Situation 2:

Service Tax outstanding (Rs. 1,00,000):


Service Tax paid on :


The total period of delay is 20 months. As there is change in interest rate with effect from 01.10.2014, therefore, the interest is to be charged in the following manner :-

For period from 01/04/2013 to 30/09/2014 interest rate applicable is 18% p.a. On 01/10/2014 the period of delay elapsed was 18 months, therefore according to new provisions as effected from 01/10/2014 the interest rate for the balance period of two months should be charged at 30% p.a.

Thus, Interest amount is:-

For period 01/04/2013 to 30/09/2014: 18 months @ 18% p.a. :

27,000 Rs.

For period 01/10/2014 to 30/11/2014: 02 months @ 30% p.a. :

5,000 Rs.

Total Interest

32,000 Rs.

Situation 3:

Service Tax outstanding (Rs. 1,00,000) :


Service Tax paid on :


Total delay is 7 months.

Interest calculation shall be as follows:

Interest shall be calculated in 3 parts:

From 01/07/2014 to 30/09/2014: 3 months @ 18% p.a.

₹ 4,500

From 01/10/2014 to 31/12/2014 : 3 months @ 18%

(Since period of delay already completed three months, therefore on 01/10/2014 there left only three months in first slab of 6 months)

₹ 4,500

From 01/01/2015 to 31/01/2015: 1 month @ 24% p.a.

₹ 2,000

Total Interest

₹ 11,000

Thus in my view the interest should be charged as illustrated above. Contrary views are welcomed.

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Office No 3, Second Floor

Amrit Kalash, Residency Road

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