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Greetings of the day to all!

Hope everyone has enjoyed this festive season to the fullest and wish all a very best luck for those who have exams in November. There are some elections to be held in 2012 at Uttar Pradesh and in 2014 at Andhra Pradesh for various posts. It must be an on-going process at various smaller districts like for collectors or mayors.

I wonder how people stand for elections and the election commission of India accepts their participation for it. There are so many irregularities observed and they are ultimately covered up by paying bribes and other considerations. But, have these people ever thought that the applications which they are going to receive are of those candidates who are going to direct, manage and represent the country and other states at various time and levels?

I still remember that when I was in grade–1, I studied that India is a developing country and even still hear it the same. Does anyone have ever wondered why India is still called a developing country? When will this word get ruled out and be replaced by the word Developed?

The answer is just “NO”, since we are all busy with our lives and trying to make some name, fame and money. If there is a collective strength and a revolution in the SYSTEM then we can expect something.

There is a country which was totally destroyed due to atomic bombarding’s in 1945`s and today it is technological king. People in that country just had mastered there level of development and I am very sure that in next couple of years again it would heal the tsunami`s wound and come up again. How did these people achieve that stage? Why and what was there in them that we don’t have, both being humans having same size of brain.

There needs a revolution in our country and our system of work. There can be various ways of having them. India has got all the elderly people who manage them. That obsession (JUNNON) in people is required. I don’t mean that there need not be any elder people on the board. But, in each department government can make a point that there shall be a team of elder and younger people since younger people have that hot blood to do something but no experience and older people have exactly the opposite of them, so why not have a department by making an integration of them.

Today in this world a person to become a bank manager requires a minimum degree of MBA when compared to earlier times when they studied 12th grade which was more than enough. Is there any parent in India who would say that you become a MLA or an MP? At every nook on corner of life there is a competition requiring the best and with the best only. Education, today has become a blood of life to all corporates then why not the same in politics? Many people are just literally uneducated. What about them and how come they are in this field and entering into politics. There shall be some qualification required like a minimum of MA passed in respective field as desired by the candidate who is opting for such posts. A fresher may be given a post in some small district and on rotational basis along with his involvement he may grow up to Prime Minister. I mean, there shall be eligibility criteria`s required for every posts like we have it in our CA course.

It can be like a person is required to have won at least two corporal election in a district to become a MLA OR a person needs to be a mayor of the city for three times to become a chief minister OR at least two terms to become a member of parliament OR serve as chief minister for 3 terms consecutively in any state to become a prime minister.

Even after setting up the eligibility criteria`s what is the point if only 65% of the population comes to polling booths? There shall be a system implemented here also like availment of concession or other benefits. He must be penalised heavily if he misses out due to genuine reasons and at least 95% of the population needs to be forced to attain the polling campaign. Speaking of revolution and all, the polling’s can be done from the residence itself like use of SMS or e-Voting systems which would really be very easy to get the desired percentage.

Apart from that, a separate option may also be given to voters like if they do not desire to vote any of the candidates from the list then an option of ASHOK CHAKRA can also be given for voting having the rights that the present IAS officer or the Mayor is deemed to be elected. This would try to ensure that the voters need not be forced to select mandatorily out of the above only.

But, what about the “Vitamin – M”? (M for money) How can these be curbed? This also has a simple way that is by using E – Money everywhere. This plastic money has come to a great rescue and this has started helping to lower down the various risk factors. Like the limit of cash withdrawals from ATM, there can be a limit fixed to this too! A reasonable of Rs.1000/- per day might be a maximum since everything would almost be in the form of plastic money. Slowly the physical rotation may come down and schemes like CASH FOR VOTES would not arise again!

There is a saint who claims that he has all the information of all the black money hidden by various people then why can’t he expose them? He has also suggested various ways to get that money in India but it’s insane even to wait till the time they get disappear or get concealed again. Is he trying to get a part of it as a consideration for keeping the names still hidden?

People! Think if that money comes in India what not can happen? Can`t that word developing be replaced with the word SUPER POWER? Can`t we leave happily rather than chasing our pockets from inflation for various products? Can`t we be developed like that of US, Australia and Dubai? I just want to see India a Developed one and I know it’s impossible without me alone shouting or sitting on a hunger strike but you all, as a responsible citizen, can just help out with this.

I have raised a voice and asked some of the media people to help me out to avail this post to the HIGH COMMAND and not it’s your turn, your turn to raise voice, turn to make change the system first, turn to get more and more values, turn to make India a developed country!

Raise your voice for a better India!


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Karan Teli
(Life Is just an Illusion...!!)
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