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Communication means exchange of ideas, views, opinions, information and so on either by verbal means( Oral or written) or Non Verbal means. Communication has gained a status of an assest which is inevitable for personal as well as professional growth.

Apart from your academics and achievements companies give heavy weightage to communication skills. With plethora of opportunities unleashed, especially in MNCs let us deliberate on some common flaws of oral communication.

Effective oral communication is undoubtedly an important facet of communication. Listed below are some tips to improve our speaking skills.

  • Do not try to use complex language which may not be understood by the listener. Use simple words as much as possible
  • Do not unnecessarily try to imitate accent of others. While trying to concentrate on different accent you miss out on words which are essence of communication.
  • Inculcate the habit of listening and not just hearing. Rembember listening is also equally important as speaking.
  • Use active speech as much as possible.
  • Do not give unnecessary details which are not required by the listener.
  • Speak according to needs of listener. If you feel that the listener has become uninterested, try to get back his attention.
  • While speaking on technical issues to non-technical persons, do not use much of technical jargon. The listeners may be put off.
  • Watch a standard english news channel to learn better style of communication
  • Keep sentences short and lucid.
  • Speaking with people who communicate effectively helps a lot.

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