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The recent announcement of ICAI regarding postponement of exams came as a breather for the students who are going to appear in the upcoming May 2019 exams. Good news for all!

Look at our dear Institute. It came with a notification earlier of commencement of exams as per normal schedule. The students began their preparations as per the datesheet. Due to clashing of elections and exam dates, it came with a revised datesheet, postponing exams for a month. That's how students are getting extra time.

Take this an opportunity to give your 100% efforts and clear your exams. There aren’t any reasons to complain. If you haven’t seriously begun your preparations till now, start now! If your preparations are going on track, an extra month for you too!

Don’t waste your time now thinking that a lot of time is left. Don’t procrastinate. Begin right away. 


Every CA student understands importance of a single day because that’s the time gap between two consecutive exams. We get only 1 day preparatory leave for covering vast syllabus of all subjects. In case you are lucky, you may get two in few exams.

Now that you have almost 25 days extra, you are very lucky. The points mentioned below will help you to make the best use of this time:

Extra revision:

All the students plan a certain number of revisions of syllabus before going for final exams. If you had planned 2 revisions earlier, now you can do 3 revisions owing to extra time you have got. Revision helps to retain the content and remember all concepts. Thus, you should do atleast 1 extra revision.

Aim at covering entire syllabus:

A pre-requisite for clearing CA exams is covering the entire syllabus. Make sure that you do not go for any selective study and cover entire portion. Utilise this extra time in such a way that you study whole of the syllabus and make your short notes for further revisions.

Mock 1 day preparation:

Many students prepare well for exams but get overwhelmed seeing the vast syllabus to be covered on the actual day of exam. You can now definitely plan how to cover entire syllabus in a day’s time and execute the same. Having this mock 1 day preparation will help you to stay relaxed and confident during exam days. For instance, you can consider the previous datesheet and do mock preparation and write mock papers as per that datesheet.

Writing practice:

A lot of students face problem while studying theoretical subjects and fail in these papers. They understand the concept but don’t know how to put it in words. For all these subjects, write mock papers, previous year papers etc. You have extra time now. Do extra written practice. You can write papers and build your confidence in all those subjects you consider yourself weak at.

Keep yourself organised and relaxed:

Knowing that you have got an extra month helps you to relax yourself. It gives you hope and confidence to do well. But all this will not culminate until you study well. 

One way of spending this extra time is to loosen up preparations and feel pressurised at last moment. A better option is to plan these days well so that you remain confident and composed during exam time. Plan your time and execute these plans too.

Make best use of the time you have got. All the best!


Published by

Lisha Bansal
(CA Finalist)
Category Students   Report

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