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Hey friends,

Today I am going to tell you people how to pass or get a rank in CPT?

The reason I am telling you people pass/get a rank is you have to pass in order to get a rank, and you have to follow my steps or take good things from my procedure and follow and read thoroughly to get a rank.

• Get registered to CA-CPT and get Institutes material.

• Read every book like a novel story, except Maths.

• It'll take 5 days (30hours) this time is by deducting all stupid things we do by wasting our time, for a student to read.

A) Accountancy-14hours max

B) Mercantile law- 6hours max

C) Economics- 10hours max

If you can read it in lesser days then it is good. I reckon you should read it by 2-3 days with proper sleep and food and exercise and talking your friends or girl friends covered. :p

• Now as you read the books like story, you'll know or remember some of the points.

1)Take model tests from institute books. Don't tick anything in the book.

2)Try to answer each paper and Write down the answers in a paper and then in one paper write down the key/correct answers to it.

3)Now valuate your answers and correct answers(key) while checking read the question and answer I it is correct, if its wrong understand the concept involved if required refer the concern chapter as you already know where it will be as you read everything once.

And for your kind information this is not mugging up, this is called LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Understand why your answered question is wrong and interpret the correct answer/way.

How to prepare for each subject?

A) Accountancy:-

If you are from commerce background, then you'll have to read a little bit more, Because commerce students think they know everything in it. But seriously the whole Ca-cpt syllabus is B.Com accountancy syllabus. If you watch it very comprehensively.

Accounting is a scoring subject.

You just have to relate it to te real situations and work out the problems.

Do everything manually.

Prepare journals,



For MPC background students:-

• The first thing you want to do is go to Google search for accountancy tuitions and take coaching.

• As I told, you have to concentrate on he Accounting process, i.e. journal, ledger, final accounts, cash books etc,

• Practice Simple and Compound interest and get a goo grip on percentages and discounts to answer the problem related questions. Where you have to calculate the discount or depreciation and answer.

•B e thorough with the concepts, because cpt is for getting conceptual knowledge.

Note: Every person should get 50-60 marks in accountancy, if you are commerce based, you have to aim to get 60, because that is your strength.

B) Mercantile laws-

Easiest subject ever. If you have to get 100 to pass, this subject gives 40 easy marks to score.

• and the rest will be anyway covers by other subjects.

• Indian psychology is to always make other people suffer or comment or criticize. I know it's bad, but let us make this bad habit into the Best you can.

• law is all about how can we sue or complaint to the court against a person, And in MERCANTILE LAW you'll get to know many ways of suing people, which is fascinating to learn.

• Don't waste your money for coaching on this subject, read 3-4 times as a novel. Try to answer 5 model test papers as I said earlier take an average score. It will definitely be around 30-40.

• after reading go to youtube and type Neeraj Gupta and get lectures for law there are some 50 videos with model and previous questions covered in those lectures for free. Download them if you can. Awesome it is. Ultra awesome. HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND HINDI. He sometimes speak in Hindi.

• And one more area student will lose marks in cpt is sections try to make some thing funny or identical to remember it.

E.g.- promise- section 2(B)

After 2 letters After C,D

Agreement-section 2(E)

After again two letters F,G

Contract-section 2(H)

For essential elements of a contract the section is Section 10.

And the number of points are also ten.

• it is very easy to remember, but answer only if you know the section don't waste 1/4 unnecessarily.

C) Economics-

I can't do anything for this subject, because it is boring, confusing yet very useful. Only way to crack is Read the whole book for 3 times.

And when you are reading for the 3rd one it will definitely be interesting, because you'll get to know the concept.

• And I am very sorry to say, you have to mug up some points in order to get more marks, I mean you have to know what A.C. Piguo said and some more to answer. If you concentrate in the very first chapter I.e. the definitions you get 3-4 marks easily.

D) Mathematics-

Now comes my lovely mathematics. MATHS



| |

General maths.Statistics

1) for non-mathematical students take coaching and practice atleast two hours a day which you've learnt in tuition.

2) For Maths background students please take coaching or dedicate time to maths seriously because you can never get what the hell is this Statistics. 

• As an Indian you've Maths in your blood as Maths is literally born in India even before other civilization originated.

• If you can concentrate on it. You can secure minimum 40-50 both commerce and non-commerce mates.

* Study plan for commerce oriented students:-

• After reading it like a novel, ad answering 5 model test papers, as I said before.

• Take an average of the marks you attained of 5 test papers in each subject.

• If it is below 75% without deduction of negative marks, then you have to take tuition for that subject.

• And for Maths, taking tuition is inevitable.

• Write with a good hand writing.

• Dedicate 30 minutes for hand writing which will help you in IPCC.

Take Mallikarjuna Rao handwriting course book. Or take 2nd or 3rd class hand writing book.

Don't be ashamed ,it is your life.

* For Maths oriented students-

I am Maths based student. I got 100 in Maths 10th. But I failed in 12th in the same Maths. Because I never went to college. So please concentrate on studies.

• As I said above read acc, law an Eco & practice Maths and take tests an your average should be more than 75% without negative marking.

• If it is not above 75 go join in tuition or else it will be hard for you.

• Because when you don't cross 75 that mean your basics are weak and you'll be failing the purpose of Cpt even though you passed!

And yea Do you want to know my name and which rank did I get?


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